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I'm mostly just annoyed that units outside of LoS now prevent targeting characters. I understand the reasoning (I myself have deliberately moved a unit to let my models target a character by ensuring they can't see a closer unit) but this seems like a heavy handed way of doing it.

I also find it weird that the Bork'an stratagem is now even less useful. You now have to use it before determining the number of shots you get, meaning that if you get a 6 then you've wasted a CP for no reason.
To be fair, these are possibly to balance any tournament play that still occurs. I've not heard any recent events, but stuff like that normally means tourny play is unbalanced.

And this is why Rules as Written should always reflect Rules as Intended XD

Though at the same time, you gotta love the idea that a Fortification has somehow gained control of an entire Army. Could it be the 40k equivalent of SkyNet? :P

Project Logs / Re: Narric's Miniature Modelling & Painting log
« on: January 16, 2018, 01:55:04 PM »
Nothing's gonna stop me from working on this while I have the motivation :P

Tomb Lords Librarian
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I'm glad I had this long sword in my bits box. It just works with the pose really well, and it makes sense that Force Weaponry wouldn't be compatible with Necron weaponry.

Just gotta figure out what to do with that right arm/hand.
Tomb Lords Apothecary
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

He's not quite sitting on the legs correctly, but I don't think I'd be able to make it work any better. Again just need a suitable right hand.
Whats the use of an Apothecary when you're using Necrodermis? Well the Tombs Lords are still as human as Marines can be.

Lastly we have the first Tactical/"Bolter" Marine of the Tomb Lords, with four more to follow soon.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

As an aside, I've come to the realisation that the shoulder guards are much like the guards you have on X-01 power Armour from Fallout 4. If I was to make a Tomb Lord exactly how they are in my mind, that would be the rough approximation.

Project Logs / Re: Narric's Miniature Modelling & Painting log
« on: January 15, 2018, 08:51:38 PM »
Picking up an old project. The Tomb Lords.

From right to left: Tactical Marine, Librarian, Sergeant, Apothecary.

Its only after putting the torsos together did I realised I don't have a good weapon to be the Librarian's Force Weapon. I'm thinking of just giving him a normal sword, because Necron weaponry would be difficult to augment with the tech from force weapons.
Then its a question of whether I should give the Librarian a Pistol, or a force choke style hand.

Parts used:
Necron Deathmark torso back (Librarian)
Dark Vengence Sergent torso front (librarian)
Necron Immortal torso back & spines
OOP legs by Anvil Industries

Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:39:59 PM »
I probably should actually make a list of the wargames projects I've got going on XD Bear in mind, I'm not in a position to play with this stuff, so mostly its just building and painting with no real playability put into it.

Tombs Lords Space Marines
- Non-Chaos Heretics, Use Necron Tech[cosmetically]

Space Wolves Army

Fallen Dark Angels
- I have no idea whats going on with official fallen angels stuff, considering they're treated as a product for Dark Angels armies. Are they Loyalists, or Heretics? I'd likely play them as Chaos personally.

Fantasy Dwarf army
- For use with either WHFB/AoS or Leviathan

Fantasy Goblins army
- For use with either WHFB/AoS or Leviathan

Junkers - Void 1.1
- Convict Legionaires with a few Commissar-like individuals to keep it in line.

Republic Army - Afterlife by Anvil Industry
- Mechanized Battlegroup. Pulse Mechs & Exo-Mechs with some less armoured support units.

Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« on: January 05, 2018, 11:56:58 PM »
Anyone have any thoughts?
Try websites like this:
They'll show you good colour mixes, like if a colour contrasts with it or not. If you have one, try looking for the older Citadel and Space Marine painting guides GW made a few years ago. Not the more recent smaller chunks ones, but the two full books. they'll be the best resource I reckon.

Had my first session of D&D tonight. Currently playing a Ranger with a "Raised by Wolves" style backstory, and a flaw of believing in survival of the fittest. Great mix for a Chaotic Neutral character.

Ended up becoming a temporary guardian to a young Dwarf girl we found in a ruined temple to a goddess of death housing a dozen or so Goblins.

Managed a few one-hit kills, the first being on a sentry, the other on the end-of-dungeon "boss" XD

Oh, and one of the party kept messing with my character psychologically while at the end of it all I'm now some sort of vocal point for previously mentioned goddess of death.

Oh, become a waitress, I tip well :P

Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« on: January 01, 2018, 08:26:18 PM »
Happ Ne Yea

I've decided to track my hobby tall in my sig. Off to a fantastic start after day 1 this year :P

Fluff and Stories / Re: Tales of Elsinqart
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:59:32 PM »
Hmm, over two years is kinda embarrassing to only get the first chapter actually finished.

OP has been updated with re-written and finished chapter. And I have a couple other Chapters and Side Stories in the works.

I will however be posting on my blog first, which I'll be adding to my sig shortly.

Battle Reports / Re: Battle Anecdotes
« on: November 11, 2017, 12:06:27 AM »
I'm ok to post about an intense couple of games of Magic the Gathering here, right? May not be a huge battle of armies, but a battle of wits between two Planeswalkers.

It was the third round of FNM, and I was playing my Black Mindpurge deck and he was playing Black Blue Control
Spoiler: Black Blue Control (click to show/hide)
*Note, this wasn't the final deck he was playing, but is the closest decklist to hand at time of writing

The game had been running for a long time, us both trying to play around the strategy and plays the other could make, and somehow both of us still at almost full starting life. I took the initiative, and started throwing kill spells at his Scarab God in play. This put my opponent in the position of having to exile cards from his own graveyard to get Torrential Gearhulks into play to cast other spells such as draw and counterspells. This series of spell slinging causes two Primal Amulets to transform into Primal Wellsprings, and depletes my opponents ability to counter my spells or affect an offensive. He takes a turn, sacrificing some of his own mana base to deplete my Deck, leaving my only two cards to draw from, and removing one of my final threats I could have drawn into.

This is where my patience and pressing spellslinging pays off. I tap both my Primal Wellsprings for mana, causing the next Instant or Sorcery I cast to be copied twice, and cast Torment of Hailfire. I pay 15mana into Hailfire, which means normally my opponent would have to choose between losing 3life, discarding a card, or sacrifice a nonland permanent 15times. The duplications from Primal Wellspring copy this, meaning he has to repeat the process 45times.

Game 1 goes to me after nearly a full round has passed (50minutes per round).

We move on to game 2, both swapping cards in and out of sideboards to better counter eachothers strategy. After sideboards I use Kitesail Freebooters, Gonti, Lord of Luxury, Lost Legacy, and Dispossess to affect control on what my opponent can use against me, enabling me to press my advantage faster, casting Torment of Hailfire twice the first time for 7, and the second time for 9. Game 2 to me.

Online Roleplaying / Re: Inquisitorial Training School (RP thread)
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:00:06 PM »
Lucius Bowed with his head towards the Interrogator.

"I am Lucius. I am from a Hive World where I had became part of the Planetary Governor's personal retinue, however, he was a heretic, trading with filthy Xenos for personal gain. When the Inquisition arrived and laid forth their accusations, I managed to find the incriminating evidence to ensure the Imperium remain clean, and must have impressed the right people to find myself here."

Can I have a "Detect bullshite" check/roll on that statment about fighting a demon? :P

Online Roleplaying / Re: Inquisitorial Training School (RP thread)
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:58:10 PM »
Lucius Entered the room, guessing he was last judging by how everyone else seemed to already be in conversation. He had entered as Roran finished his piece.

"Secrets and lies are useful tools, and we must also know when someone is employing them against us, or when its better to finish the assignment."
He stopped two paces from the table and chairs, and gives an Imperial salut to the group.

"Please, call me Lucius."
He stands straight, hands held behind his back, and glancing at each other member of the group.

So we have a Slum-born Inquisitor hopeful, Judge Dread, and Marvel's Loki?

This is gonna be some interesting team dynamics :P

One thing that was mentioned was filling out the team comp with some extra characters. May I suggest Biggs, Wedge & Jessie? Some cannon fodder if we need them :P

40K needs an actually Judge Dread figure in its Lore/Law :P

I can't help but think Lucius will be in a constant state of eye-rolling when around Titus XD As to my understanding, Hive Gangers wouldn't really get along with Arbites :P

Gonna pop my character info here.

Name: Lucius (Von Drakoon)
Age/Gender: Mid-20s Male
Background: A Hive Ganger who grew up in the slums of an fringe imperial world, Lucius learned to put trust in weapons he could hold one of in each hand, with pistols and knives becoming comforting tools. Through an elaborate series of events involving murder, coercion and smooth talking, and a habit of hiding unsavory evidence, he secured himself a position on the Planetary Governor's bodyguard.
When an Inquisitor arrived on the planet and uncovered the Governor had been trading with aliens for alien produce and technology, Lucius had found himself in the prime position to be a tool of the Inquisition, ending the Governor's heresy.


  • Pistol & Blade Weapon Use (Combat skill)
  • Serrated Silver Tongue (Charisma Skill [Interrogation/Coersion])
  • Hand-crafted Pistol: During his time as the Govenor's bodyguard, he managed to convince a few tinkerer's and weaponsmith's within the Hive to modify an archaic handgun. The pistol has a single-shot and burst shot mode, allowing for greater combat versatility.

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