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I've seen a fair few battle reports on YouTube recently featuring a bit of CP farming, my Imperial Guard will try their hands at it when I eventually get back into the game. Usually it's a warlord trait or a bit of equipment so if you've got snipers then that should be their target.

You certainly did a decent job removing the big threats and from then he had very little left he could have done.

I'm looking forward to the new Ork codex, I'm sure everyone will be happy to see the return of WAAAGH! Grumgutz.

Job's a good un!

To be candid, the romance aspect isn't what interests me, it's the link to Thielbane's corsair past. It gives Val that extra dimension that makes her a more interesting character than Allonia was.

Also the image of Thiel looking over and seeing a raider full of wyches staring unblinking at him made me chuckle.

Well, so much for the Emperor's Finest I suppose. It's almost a shame, I'm sure you'd like a challenge, but then I suppose we're all mainly here for the fluff so the battle itself rarely matters unless it ultimately affects the plot.

Speaking of the fluff, always good to see Bella having fun and I'm happy to read more about Val so my suggestion is to keep the Wych Cult in for at least a little while longer.

Looking forward to seeing more of Cogliostro too,

Job's a good un!

General 40k and Expansions / Re: Ork and Space Wolf Codexes Incoming!
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:31:44 AM »
This quick turn-over of codicies (yes GW, the plural of Codex is codicies, I'm sure you used to get this right) must be really hard on the wallets of people with multiple armies. I still haven't picked them up for my: Tau, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines or Daemons.

I'm hoping that the new Ork codex might actually be accompanied by a green tide of new models (the warbuggy must be about as old as I am and why aren't the Assault on Black Reach Deffkoptas available as their own box these days?).

After only two reports with him I'm fast becoming a fan of Cogliostro, he's written in a way that I can even hear his accent while reading his lines.

I also like that we're slowly getting more details about Thielbane's corsair past, the odd detail now and then allowing us to piece it together instead of one big info-dump, which of course encourages people to read every report.

I suppose if you destroy the Russ then you don't need to be overly concerned with the rest of the Guard so you can focus fire on the Custodes, not sure how well that'll work but good luck.

Looking forward to the rest of the report.


I'm somewhat unsure about the Cult (Wyches and what-not) this edition.  Considering taking them out, but fluff-wise do you consider them as interesting as the Haemonculus Covens?

As interesting as Bella? Certainly not.
To be honest, I've grown a little disinterested in Allonia and Ray'keth's rivalry. It just doesn't really go anywhere. I wouldn't mind if you just wrote them out entirely.
It'll save more space for the characters we're invested in, or feasibly some new characters if you've got some good ideas for any.

I'm going to link the Warhammer Community blog here, it features pictures of pretty much everything;

But let's get started on the really big news;

They're releasing a new Age of Sigmar audio-drama and Gotrek Gurnisson is voiced by Brian Blessed!

Also we have a first look at the forthcoming plastic Sisters of Battle (down towards the bottom of the blog), she is amazing and I want her.
AoS has some new ghostly models that look very fun (but if your little sister accidentally steps on them then there's no saving them) and with them there are two new technical paints to make ghostly green and smokey blue, should be interesting.
There's a new small-scale game called Adeptus Titanicus for if you really want a Warlord Titan but think £1300 is a little steep, basically the return of Epic: Armageddon but so far only containing Imperial Knights and Titans.
Forge World's Dreadnought Drop Pod is back.
And the Necrons have a new construct, which is enormous!

Well that seemed to go well, I guess the problem with the guard was that all of their anti-tank was on their tanks and all of their massed infantry was just anti-infantry. I'm just speculating, I'm not sure how I would have done anything any different.

Loving Bella of course, can't go wrong with a report balancing her unique perspective with Thielbane's straight-man character reacting to the surrounding madness.

Not sure what else to say,

Job's a good un!

I'd forgotten just how much I enjoyed reading the tales of Bella, I hope the battle goes well for her so we can read even more.

I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, bring on the rest of the report.

Certainly not as bad as you were suggesting then, those last few turns looked really quite comfortable.

When it comes to using all these stratagems would I be right in thinking that it's better to use them earlier in the battle when you still have a load of units?

I enjoyed the fluff, I suppose playing Imperial Guard every now and then let's you create loads of different characters for your own armies to defeat, you could even have different regiments for each battle.

Well done on the win, looking forward to the next report.

Job's a good un!

I read somewhere that Mortars are really good this edition, I guess your opponent has the same view.
I guess if you were able to wreck the tanks with your Coldstars then you'd just have to sit outside the Guardsmen's 24" range and take the squads out one at a time. He has got a lot of units though, maybe what you need are more guns, are squads of shield drones good or are they just cheap units allowing you to fill an Outrider detachment?

So I've been reading through the latest FAQs that GW have released and I've noticed a couple of changes that can only have been introduced because people were taking the proverbial at tournaments.

1) The rulebook states that you can use any model in your army as your Warlord, if it's a character then you get to make use of Warlord Traits. They have now had to specify that you can't take a Fortification as your Warlord.

2) In the rules for every single mission they've had to re-word the Deployment section, instead of the original 'your units start in your deployment zone' they've had to add in the words "wholly within", evidently people have been using the fact that for a unit to be affected by an aura just one model needs to be within range so they've been doing the same with deployment zones.

Then you get the regulation balancing act that GW has started doing;
Smite is now easier to cast repeatedly if you use units with Brotherhood of X,
You can't use characters as meat shields for other characters,
More command points for Battalion and Brigade detachments,
Iron Hands and Death Guard are now less immortal as you can only use one 'ignore wounds' rule at a time,
Also Guilliman and Dark Reapers are clearly too good so they now cost more.

For more details:

Well it's been over a year since anyone posted an army list to 2S (and over four years since I last did so), might as well show you what I'm planning.

My lists are built around the Dark Imperium Primaris Marines and I've got a progression from 1000 to 1500 to 2000pts, each list containing the same units as the previous ones with a few extras added on.


HQ -
  • Captain in Gravis Armour (as he comes given that he cannot be altered in any way)
  • 2x Primaris Lieutenants (1x Power Sword, 1x Master-Crafted Auto Bolt Rifle)

Elites -
  • Primaris Ancient
  • Contemptor Dreadnought (with Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon)

Troops -
  • 5x Intercessors (Bolt Rifles)
  • 5x Intercessors (Bolt Rifles)

Fast Attack -
  • 3x Inceptors (Assault Bolters)

Heavy Support -
  • 5x Hellblasters (Plasma Incinerators)

The 1500pt list adds;

HQ -
  • Primaris Librarian

Troops -
  • 5x Space Marine Scouts (Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks)

Heavy Support -
  • Predator Annihilator (the one with all the Lascannons)

Then for 2000 we add:

Elites -
  • Contemptor Dreadnought (this time it's Multi-Melta)

Heavy Support -
  • Relic Leviathan Dreadnought (Leviathan Siege Claw and Grav-flux Bombard)

For the 1500 and 2000pt lists I have points left over, 123 and 110 respectively so I'm looking at adding an extra unit. Currently my thoughts are either: Additional 5-man Scout Sniper squad, 5x Intercessors with Stalker Bolt Rifles or 5x Reivers with combat knives, grapnel guns and grav-chutes.

The Contemptors are mostly in the list because Forge World make a seriously nice Alpha Legion Contemptor model. I have a smattering of FW parts throughout the army as it exists so far (Dark Imperium + Scouts), mostly the Horus Heresy Alpha Legion heads. Should I acquire additional Intercessors or Reivers with my spare points I'd likely convert them with parts from FW's Alpha Legion Headhunters kit. The Scouts are kitbashed using the official Scout Snipers and Militarum Tempestus Scions (for a full explanation, read up on the 55th Alphic Hydras).

When it comes to Chapter tactics, it turns out that the loyalist Raven Guard share both a trait and a stratagem with the Chaos Alpha Legion so I'll use the Raven Guard rules. In friendly games I'll be asking my opponent whether they'd be alright with me using the Alpha Legion warlord trait 'I am Alpharius' edited to use the loyalist Space Marine warlord trait table instead of the Chaos one.

And for those of you questioning how the Alpha Legion have access to Primaris Marines, I would suggest researching Corvus Corax's Raptor programme which appeared in the Horus Heresy book Deliverance Lost.

That was, to be honest exactly what I'd expect from Lady D, she always was a nasty sort. I've had a similar experience with Tau vs Dark Eldar in the past, if you don't get that one good shooting phase right off the bat then it won't go well for you.

Perhaps you want to try the Tau against various different types of opponent before disregarding them entirely, just because they performed badly in this one match doesn't mean they'll fail against everything.
If you do want to try new units, maybe look into more air support? I can't speak for their crunch but I've always liked Forge World's Tau flyers aesthetically. Or even the Razor and Sun Sharks? Lady D can't slice what she can't reach.

Of course if you particularly want to try out Dark Eldar for yourself then who would I be to complain, Bella is one of the greats.

We all have games that go against us, just learn from it and move forwards.
Keep up the fluff and we're all looking forward to the next report.

Job's a good un!

Well it sounds like overwhelming firepower and hit penalties are the way to succeed this edition, things are looking up for the Tau then?

I seem to recall you did a similar thing with Grumgutz and Da Big Five, they were becoming unstoppable so you shelved them for a while until the meta shifted. I guess we'll either not see the Eldar for a bit, or at least they'd look very different.

On that note, I know you're looking at playing with the new codices at the moment (yes GW, the plural of codex is and always has been codices, not codexes), but it'd be nice to see Da Big Five on the field again, even if just for a one off.

Of the two; Tau or Dark Eldar, I'd probably rather read a Tau one next as they're an army I've got, it'd be nice to see how they're doing this edition.

Looking forward to the next report and as always,

Job's a good un!

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