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They are pretty good, but they do suffer with the AP 0... then again ALL basic infantry weapons suffer with AP 0.  The thing that I wish that GW would have done was do some real play testing.  The variable number of shots might give some surprises in the game, it most of the time fails to be anything but disappointing.

As you said, Waaagh, storm bolters are better.  This is because you have a guaranteed number of shots.   Flamers MIGHT get 6 shots, but are just as likely as getting ONE shot.  Storm Bolters also have a better range to get those guaranteed 4 shots than the flamer.  That makes the flamer so overpriced it's not even funny.  I mean for the cost of one flamer, I can have 4 storm bolters and still have a point left over (going by match points and not power points)

Hobby / Re: Storm Surge, Most Hideous Model ever?
« on: October 20, 2015, 02:06:45 AM »
I'd likely cannabalize the weapons onto a Riptide, as they do look impressive. Here they're just poorly placed and feel slapped together onto a hulking mess of a mech body.
Exactly.  With a Riptide you can place the big gun under an arm and set the feet as if the Riptide is bracing for salvo fire.  The Storm Surge is just too ungainly for a "real" mech.

Hobby / Storm Surge, Most Hideous Model ever?
« on: October 19, 2015, 10:58:54 PM »
OK, everyone, is it me, or does anyone else thing that the Storm Surge is the most hideous model ever?

Let's take its bad points one at a time:
  • Exposed Pilots... EXPOSED PILOTS?!?  Really GW? Really?
  • No Arms.  How the hell does this thing stand back up is it's knocked over?
  • The Stablizers look horribly awkward.  They don't look like they would stabilize crap
  • Two heads?!?

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm using a Riptide base and then adding the weapons from the Storm Surge to it.  I'll use 6 SMS pods to represent the multi-rocket pods, the secondary weapons I'll add to the arms, and the 4 seeker missile looking things I'll add to the lower legs.

General 40k and Expansions / Re: How involved are in you in 40k?
« on: October 13, 2014, 10:00:11 PM »
Precisely what I mean :).  If you're just playing with friends, as I used to, then it's not so much of a problem, as groups of friends tend to play the game in a similar way, but if you go to a tournament, even a more relaxed one, there's always bound to be someone who pulls a stunt like that.  Yet, there's nothing you can say, because the rules allow it.
If I were running the tourney, I would not allow super heavies.  40K is about skirmish level combat, not major battlefields.

General 40k and Expansions / Re: How involved are in you in 40k?
« on: October 12, 2014, 10:01:26 PM »
I can no longer afford to play 40K, so I've stopped completely now.  I don't much care for how the rules have changed either.  The 'bigger is better' concept doesn't sit well with me.  40K should not be used for titans, superheavies, Knights, and all these other shiny toys that keep being thrown at it.  Those units belong in Epic in my opinion.

In some ways, it's a shame, because I've played every edition, including Rogue Trader, but it's time to move on and do new things with my life :).  I still like certain games, such as Epic, and I'll be keeping my 40K Eldar army because I love all the old models.  I very much doubt I'll ever return to play the game again though, not for any sustained period anyway.
I agree that ALL super heavies need to be taken out of the game... or at least put into games that are 3000+ points.  I was in a 1850 tourney and somebody brought a Warhound titan!  I mean REALLY?!?

Still...infinity is looking is a house-ruled version of infinity set in the 40k universe...coz even though the rules are on the downside...the hobby side of warhammer seems more appealing to me with every day i age...
I, too, would like to know if you can get these house rules up and running.  I am tired of GW making you buy their latest and greatest hotness, or your army sucks.

Remember that D Weapons don't ignore Invulns except on a 6 now. The C'Tan will be laughing your shots off on a 3+ most of the time...
Math Hammer is on my side with this one.  I would make him make so many saves that he'll pop.

Unfortunately, to get any milage out of the ADN's point attack rule, you'd have to play an 'unbound' list.  The ADN is at is a single super-heavy and would therefore take up the single Lord of War slot allotted (unless you run a double / triple org list, but that'd be more complicated that anything).

An unbound list would be able to accommodate the 2+ ADNs required to get the Str D hits.  And, with a lucky roll, a single Str D can drop a Trancentdant C'Tan.  >:]
Considering that I don't want to spend a bajillion dollars for a Tigershark or, God Forbid, a Manta.  I would spend the points in a heartbeat because I need to be able to get rid of cheating ass crap like a transcendent C'Tan and Wall of Martyrs.

It's an old unit, but it has been updated.

This blog gives you a run down. Post is a few entries down.
Other than WD#336, is there another place to find the rules for these things?  It sounds EXACTLY like what I need to get rid of those darn super nasties!

The type of people who bring those kind of models are the type to "Win at ALL costs!"

Trust me, I was HIGHLY annoyed at the very idea.

I was using a Farsight Enclave roster. Completely codex with no allies or detachments.

This C'Tan had both the D template weapon and the barrage weapon... and the upgrade that allows it to shoot both weapons at different targets.  The tourney allowed ALL of the frakkers that I mentioned in the OP.  I felt so dirty that as soon as I lost my third game I packed my crap and left.  I didn't even stay for the after tourney party.

Question:  How does everyone here deal with Gargantuan creatures?  I'm talking Transcendent C'Tan, Tyranid super bugs, Imperial Super Fortifications.  I was at a tourney and I took a completely Farsight Enclave Codex list and I got curb stomped so badly that I was wanting to rename myself Bitch (term for female dog).  The C'Tan... he, by himself, took out most of my army.  I had 2500 pts and I got stomped BADLY.  I just want to learn how to deal with type of crap.

Forces and Allies of the Imperium / Re: new guard
« on: April 15, 2014, 12:55:53 PM »
Hotshot Lasguns are now S4 Ap3.
Gotta ask a big Whiskey Tango Foxtrot about this fecal matter!  Why would you take a bolter when a hotshot lasgun does it better?  6 inches worth of range?  Really?

Well I'm pleased that the Knight made his points back, even if it means I guessed wrong. I imagine if he hadn't been there to draw fire from the two Stormravens they would have caused a great deal of damage elsewhere.
THIS is why I said I would have ignored the Knight.  Pop the Sisters and THEN go after the knight.  Once the Sisters were dead then it would have been easy pickings.  The Knight with the Melta cannon is a joke.  The one with the battlecannon is much nastier as it has two shots with the main gun AND has two heavy stubbas.

I am thoroughly enjoying your report and accompanying fluff so far, but I'm not confident that the knight will be successful. Something of that size will draw a lot of attention (and already seems to have done so). I don't reckon he's resilient enough.
I like said before if I were the White Scar player I would IGNORE the Knight.  Sure it's big and bad, but it only has one heavy Stubba and the Melta cannon.  If you keep your bikes spread out he'll get one or two, but not much more.  On the other hand you'll squash the Sisters flatter than a bug hitting a windshield at 80 MPH (129 KPH for our European friends).  With the sisters gone, you can then focus on the knight and blow it to Hades in no time flat.

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