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General 40k and Expansions / Re: Space Hulk Smartphone/tablet game!
« on: February 26, 2013, 03:57:11 AM »
Been playing it a lot the past 24 hours.  My Commander(chaplain) has the post powerful sword(one hits everything), my melee character still has his equivalent of a chainfist(one hits most things), and my two gunners have bigger guns now. 

Been killing bugs and traitors with ease, and just had my most frustrating battle.  I had to shut down generators and I was surrounded by an endless swarm.  Gunners ran out of ammo, one gunner got torn apart in an intersection, and I was at the exit.   There were so many bugs my melee character & commander each had to kill a bug for every square they moved.  My melee character was 2 squares from the exit holding off bugs while the surviving gunner and commander caught up.  The tunnels were packed bug per space all the way behind us and my commander was taking one step backwards at a time while slaying bugs as they jumped at him.  Then... he missed with his sword and a red bug ripped him open.  He was 4 spaces from the exit, and had 100+ melee kills so far.  He also had almost full health at the time.   :facepalm001:  If your commander dies... you loose.

After that battle I really want a flamethrower marine so I can just torch the areas behind me to slow the tide.

Things I've learned.  The storm fist's (chainfist) description says it can cut through a bulkhead... but it doesn't not cut through sealed doors.   You can shoot around corners if you are standing at the edge of the corner, but traitors can't.  The scout makes the best rear guard because this character will spend all their time marching in reverse so the scouts extra move is VERY useful. 

General 40k and Expansions / Space Hulk Smartphone/tablet game!
« on: February 25, 2013, 03:04:19 AM »
I searched and didn't see anything on this.  So while looking at strategy games on my android smartphone I found a game that is basically the old Space Hulk game.  Its called Templar Assault, I assume to avoid being sued.  Their is a lot of name changing, but you can tell what it was based on.

Right now I have a four man team of genetically engineered super warriors in armor that looks very familiar.  My commander has a force sword and a plasma pistol, one of my men has a heavy caliber cannon he fires one handed and a large powered fist with a cutting device for cutting through bulkheads, and the rest have cannons and large powered fists.  They just got done fighting off an army of freakish six armed clawed beasts the game calls Xenos. 

Its really fun.  Sadly only has 5000 downloads right now, which is why I'm mentioning it here.

Advice:  Early on it will seem like a good idea to focus on firepower, and you can really mow down some genestealers xenos with the heavy leviathan rifles.  However you will quickly run into missions where you will run out of ammo long before you finish so its good to have at least one person besides the commander who can stand toe to toe in melee.  Oh and in the missions where the secondary objective is to kill all Xenos... its impossible, save yourself the headache :facepalm001:.

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