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Enemies of the Imperium / NOOO!!!!! (Just read the 6th ed.)
« on: December 11, 2012, 02:42:15 AM »
After being out of the game for a while, I finally bought and read the sixth edition rulebook and... It kind of sucks for Orks. A lot.
There are a few benefits, (Fearless no longer kicks ork horde butt, for example,) but the new way wound allocation works, the nerfing of Fleet and Furious Charge, and a couple other changes essentially remove our biggest source of power.
With the new rules, ork hordes now cannot take out vehicles or monstrous creatures with any consistency. Either you put the Power Fist at the very back (And he still might die because of a precision shot) and he can't hit for a turn until he fights his way into combat, or else you put him at the front and watch him get blown away at the first sign of shooting. Not to mention, with the wound allocation killing those in front, it'll take an extra turn of movement to get into combat (BAD!)
Snap shots don't seem like a huge deal, though it will be annoying against shooty armies (Suddenly, even the worst CC armies can still blow orks away before we get to hit,) but it still is another problem in general because it mildly helps most other armies and provides no benefits to orks.
My biggest problem is the huge nerf to the Flat Out rule. Without the 3+ cover save after moving flat out, Deffkoptas are now far too fragile and expensive to be worth their points.

Oh, also: The weaker power weapons suck since we now have 2 less ways to deal with terminators. I realize it'll hurt a lot of armies, but seeing as Orks already have just 6 weapons capable of tearing through AP2, reducing that number to 4 is a pretty big deal.

Hobby / Where to buy bits?
« on: July 07, 2012, 11:46:55 PM »
So, I am considering as opposed to adding to my 3000 point ork army (besides apocalypse, that stuff is fun as heck to build) I could just go through my entire army, model by model (about 200  of them) and make them all look totally bad-as... Wait, there might be kids on here. Totally awesome. Anyways...
I was wondering if there was somewhere I could buy bits and parts to add on and customize.

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