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"I don't doubt their usefulness, Lucius" growled Roran, "but I've seen too many get killed because of them to be completely comfortable, and not just from rhe Inquisition."
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« Last post by Narric on October 19, 2017, 11:58:10 PM »
Lucius Entered the room, guessing he was last judging by how everyone else seemed to already be in conversation. He had entered as Roran finished his piece.

"Secrets and lies are useful tools, and we must also know when someone is employing them against us, or when its better to finish the assignment."
He stopped two paces from the table and chairs, and gives an Imperial salut to the group.

"Please, call me Lucius."
He stands straight, hands held behind his back, and glancing at each other member of the group.
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« Last post by Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 19, 2017, 08:28:36 PM »
"You misunderstand my meaning" Roran smiled. "By worse I meant have worse names for me, not literally as a title."

"As for the mission, you know how the Inquisition works. Secrets and lies until there's no option but the truth. We get the details as they come, but don't expect the whole story." He finished with a shrug and open gesture to indicate his lack of concern about the smoking.
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« Last post by Waaaghpower on October 19, 2017, 08:12:55 PM »
Rigg's grin widened as he smoothly slid out a Lho stick, then shook his wrist and made the pack disappear back to where it had come from. "Roran, why, how'd you ever acquire a nickname like that? I'd not think call you 'Worse' unless it's your preferred title." He winked, then wheeled back to Titus.

"Aha, no, you mistake my meaning. I was curious if you'd heard what exact mission we're preparing for. Espionage? Action? Derring-do? You two certainly seem like the type for heroics, at least, and I'd be glad to help as your liaison or what-have-you."

Popping the stick into his mouth, he snapped the fingers on his mechanical hand, making a small promethium flame appear. Before lighting, though, he glanced around the room. "Does anyone mind if I smoke?"
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« Last post by Cammerz on October 19, 2017, 02:22:57 PM »
Titus' gaze passed over each of the newcomers, taking in details and starting to construct profiles for the two men. The first seemed to lack any social graces and seemed completely at ease despite clearly having been told why he was here, did that make him a fool or a jaded veteran? Time would tell.
The second man was a talker, perhaps the sort who made friends with everybody before finding out whether he should.

"It surprises me that you don't know why you are aboard this vessel Mr Sesamekesh, I am Titus Wolfe of the Adeptus Arbites".

Sesamekesh seemed like the sort who, with extended exposure, would cause Titus to desire many lho sticks, but given the circumstances it would be prudent not to so he ignored the last of the man's rambled questions.
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« Last post by Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 18, 2017, 05:00:17 PM »
A curt nod also greeting the smiling stranger as he entered the room. "Name's Roran, though I daresay most call me worse." he replied. "As for why we're here, we've been hired, contracted, or otherwise brought into service to do the Inquisition's bidding. What that includes today, your guess is as good as mine." he shrugged.
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« Last post by Waaaghpower on October 18, 2017, 01:53:14 PM »
Rigg was only moments behind Roran, catching the door with his foot as it swung shut, pulling it back open with a movement of his leg and strolling inside, hands in his pockets and a friendly grin plastered on his face. Like Titus, he was clean shaven and wearing his uniform, but his seemed to fit as though it was tailored perfectly to his wiry frame.

Withdrawing his cybernetic right hand from a pocket, he stuck it out towards the closest figure in the room - Titus, as it happened. "Rigg Sesamekesh, pleasure to meet you, what's your name?" he said, glancing over to Roran. "Nice to meet you as well, big guy, what do they call you? Emperor's mercy, between the two of you I feel like I ought to go hit the gym, you're making me feel like I'm starting to lose muscle tone." He waved his cybernetic arm, emphasizing that it was a joke. "Anyone know what we're here for?"

Flicking out his biological right hand, a pack of Lho sticks seemed to appear as though from air, though it had probably been tucked up his sleeve. Opening the lid and sliding out one so it could be easily grabbed, he offered, "Care for a smoke?"

If Rigg was aware that he'd just asked four questions in the space of ten seconds, he showed no sign of it, still grinning broadly at both of his new friends.
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« Last post by Scout Sergeant Mkoll on October 17, 2017, 01:35:29 PM »
Roran strode into the room, clearly fresh from forging something. His overalls were covered in soot and he had a couple of fresh minor burns. His hammer was strapped to his waist and his steel-capped boots thudded on the metal flooring as he approached.

He entered the room and sat down with a curt nod to the uniformed man who had elected to stand. "Suit yourself" he thought as he lifted his boots on to the desk and made himself comfortable. No point standing to attention for an empty room.
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« Last post by Cammerz on October 16, 2017, 10:14:31 PM »
Titus Wolfe was the first to arrive, as he had intended. He strode into the room clean-shaven and wearing his full uniform in spotless condition (it never hurt to make a good first impression). He was broad-shouldered and muscle-bound (although not excessively so), his black hair dotted with a few flecks of silver. He was also, unsually for him, unarmed as he felt it might give the wrong impression at this stage.

Despite the seats in the room he elected to stand over to one side, helmet tucked under one arm, all the better to view everyone as they entered the room where he could run his piercing green eyes over them and get a clear idea of the sort of people he would be working with.
Online Roleplaying / Inquisitorial Training School (RP thread)
« Last post by Mabbz on October 16, 2017, 04:38:14 PM »
In a discreet corner of the galaxy, an Inquisitor's Battleship floated in orbit above an airless moon. The ship belonged to one Inquisitor Quercus, and was the home of an academy designed to train would-be Inquisitors. To that end, dozens of teams of agents, recruited from all walks of imperial life, we're also housed aboard the ship. After all, Inquisitors need to know how to lead a team.

Across the ship several individuals received a summons, telling them to meet in a briefing room. There, they would meet their new interrogator and his retinue, and be briefed on the important mission they were to be sent on.
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