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Battle Reports / Re: WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. Alpha Legion (1500): The Return of Duumrider!
« Last post by Mabbz on January 07, 2018, 09:32:07 PM »
Units being able to act after death I understand, but I kinda assumed they'd have to follow the usual rules for shooting, i.e. not able to shoot while in combat, and not able to shoot into another combat. Is that really something the rules allow?

Anyways, another great rep as always. I can't wait to hear Lorilune's scheme, although I'm also wondering what Grumgutz is up to in all this.

As far as requests go... I'd like some Tau, but I imagine you're wanting to wait for their codex? I also miss Lady Jenna, but if the Guard codex is as powerful as I've heard, it might not be an interesting or long battle.
Thank you for the patience and the kind comments!

Please let me know what you think of the rep and what you'd like to see in the future.




 -Alpha Legion: I AM ALPHARIUS (Currently Duumrider, Extra Attack)
 -Orkz: 6+ extra save (Lorilune)


Well, it's an interesting board.
The center is dominated by a large hill with forests on either side.
There are ruins in the corners, but there's a LOT of area without cover, but the hill does block LoS to smaller units.
...  This is going to be a heck of a thing to assault.
We start putting down models with my opponent finishing first.
Not surprisingly, the Berzerkers, the Daemon Prince and the Noise Marines go into infiltration, with the cultists and the Sorcerer in the back ruins.  The Oblits go into deep strike.
The Orks string out a long line of Grots with 7" away the rest of the Horde.
The Stormboyz are front and center with the Characters behind them and the Gorkanaut just behind them.
The Alpha Legion win the roll and decide to go first.

They put down the Noise Marines on the hill, the Berzerkers in the front and the Prince behind the hill.

I fail to seize and the game is on!

Picture Caption: This going to be UGLY.

Turn 1: Alpha Legion

Sorcerer Malafens sighed as he watched the Noise Marines tuning up their Sonic Blasters.  As much as he enjoyed the ambiance of a good acoustic threshing, the offshoots of the Emperor's Children always had to be so uncomfortably close to the enemy.  Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing if it was a line of Imperial scum who wouldn't know how to handle a chainsword if you gave them a millinea of lessons, but against an Ork horde, it was another matter entirely.


Malefans glanced over at the screeching laughter of his companion, the flame-skulled Duumrider.

"I'm simply concerned with this frontal assault.  The Orks are known for their close-quarters capability and as we have allied with the Alpha Legion, we are in a prime position for an ambush."


Malefans sighed.  This was all being rather troublesome with the Daemon Prince's barely understandable tirade.  Very well, let the Orks feel the might of Chaos!

The Berzerkers and Prince move up and the Sorcerer moves up with some cultists.
The Oblits drop down next to the hill and get ready to fire.
Prescience fails on the Noise Marines (huzzah!) and the Price tries to cast Warptime.
The Prince spends a Command Point to get a re-roll on the power and barely makes it, but Lorilune dispels it.

The Noise Marines fire on the Stormboyz, but rolls subpar and only a half dozen or so die.  My opponent then uses the Slaanesh Strategem to fire again (!!!) and then wipes out the Stormboyz...

I remark to my opponent that that's amazing for one CP, but he remarks that it's actually two... and then we realize that he has only ONE CP left.

So... rewinding time, the Stormboyz get to live another day.  Or turn at least.

The Oblits also fizzle on their shots, doing only a few wounds on BigToof.

The Berzerkers and Prince slam into the Grotz and kill them all with ease.  (The Grots take down ONE Berzerker with their overwatch though!)

Picture Caption: First Blood to the Alpha Legion!

Turn 1: Orks

"Where in the name of Khaine did those Mon-Keigh come from?!" bellowed Lorilune as she ducked the explosion of Gretchin body parts that were once her front line.

"I dunno Louie," replied Big Mek Wingnut, who was scratching his head, "Da Scouts done said nuffin about all dat."

"Khornate Berzerkers and a FLAMING HEADED DAEMON PRINCE?  Nothing?  They noticed NOTHING?"

"Well," said Wingnut, pulling up a pile of papers, "Dey said dere was a bunch of boxes in da woods, but it wasn't no trap."

"A bunch of boxes," said Lorilune, pressing her fingers against her temples in hopes of keeping her sanity intact, "What kind of boxes?"

"Oh, big ones.  But, dey alls said 'NOT A TRAP' in big letters on them.  So we ain't had nuffin to worry about."

Wingnut winced a bit as he watched Big Louie slam her head furiously against the Gorkanaut behind them.  He guessed that even Louie was confused by the strata-watznit of the Spikey Boyz.  True sneaky gitz they were...


Lorilune looked up at the aghast-looking Gorkanaut, who was gesticulating at the approaching cackling Daemon Prince who indeed did have a skull of writhing Warpflame.

"Well then.  I suppose you had better put it out for him.  Forcibly."



The Orks move up with the Stormboyz leaping over the Prince.
The Characters move out of the way with the Gorkanaut moving up to say hi to the Daemon Prince.
I jump the Shootas over to the right flank.  The Prince tries to deny it, but I have +9 or so due to the massive number of greenskins, effectively making it impossible.
I throw Warpath on the Stormboyz and then Smite the Prince pretty hard.
Shooting is kind of sad, with the Shootas doing not too much damage even though I try the DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA Stratagem.  I do find out that the Noise Marines get to fire off their weapons when they die (WHA?), so I inadvertantly take some wounds from that though..
The Sluggas slam into the Berzerkers and wash them away in a sea of green fisted Choppas.  BigToof crunches the Prince to find out HE WASN'T THE REAL WARLORD AFTER ALL (Alpha Legion Shenanigans!).
The Stormboyz slam into the Oblits, killing two.  I then make the less than great decision of consolidating into the Noise Marines...
Who actually have TWO attacks each.  They then fight back and wipe out nearly all of the Stormboyz who then flee due to morale.

Picture Caption: Stormboyz...  I expected better.
Alpha Legion: 3 (plus First Blood)
Orks: 3

Turn 2: Alpha Legion


Malefans swore as he watched Duumrider explode in a puff of Hellfire and disappear back into the Warp.  He had clearly forgotten that the Duumrider of old was famous for coming and leaving in a moment.

Very well, then the Noise Marines will have to pick up the slack.

Realizing that a LOT of Ork is going to hit them next turn, the Legion falls back.
Prescience this time goes off on the Noise Marines who then nearly wipe out the closest unit of sluggas (!).  The Oblits try to hurt 'Toof, but can't do much and then assault into the Boyz.  The Sluggas wipe out their Oblit, but the Shootas can't quite seem to wipe theirs out.

Picture Caption: Nearly... there...

Turn 2: Orks

BigToof laughed from his perch high above the Battlefield.  Everything was much more fun from up there.  Everyone was small like little bugs and you got to squish them.  Louie was yellin' somethin', but it was hard to tell what was goin' on.

He done put the head out on the flamey head guy and then there were all these purple Spikey Boyz that was playin' their music too loud.  Louie was maybe yellin' about that cause they done got yelled at last time da Goff Rokkas done turned up the amps too much.  Someone should tell them to keep it down.

The Green Tide continues forwards.

I smite the Oblit out of the Shootas and then jump the last viable unit of Sluggas forwards.
BigToof moves up to the Noise Marines.
Shooting doesn't do much as -1 is really doing a number on my accuracy.

The Sluggas assault in, hammering a unit of Cultists into mulch and then consolidate into more Cultists and the Sorcerer.  The Alpha Legion do some hits back, but I've got plenty of Orks to go around.

'Toof slams into the Noise Marines, doing massive damage.  Who then... shoot into the Sluggas in combat next to them. 




Wait... What?  Apparently that's a thing...

I take a lot of damage, and now things are getting a bit worrisome for the not-as-big mob.

Picture Caption: 'Toof!  Stop being so effective!
Alpha Legion: 3 (plus First Blood)
Orks: 6

Turn 3: Alpha Legion
With not much else to do, the Cultists join in on the fight.
The Cultists take their pound of flesh, but the Orks hit back hard.
BigToof finishes off the Noise Marines though, which hilariously does a lot of damage to the Sluggas.

Picture Caption: Thing looking grim!

Turn 3: Orks
'Toof slams into the Cultists.  Bad times ahoy.
The Sorcerer manages to stay alive, but all of the Cultists die in a Gorkanaut related spasming (aka DA HAPPY DANCE).

Picture Caption: Cultists done got smashed.
Alpha Legion: 3 (plus First Blood)
Orks: 9

And with that the Sorcerer decides that yeah... writing on the wall, let's get out of here.


Post-Game Thoughts:

Wow, talk about Codex BUFFS.

The Alpha Legion has been thought of as one of the strongest Legions, but I didn't realize why until now.  The -1 to hit pretty much made my Shootas and Gorkanaut useless except you know... hitting them in the face.

The ability for the Chaos units to infiltrate and THEN STILL move normally and assault is just nuts.  This makes Berzerkers and their like SO strong as it guarantees them a first turn assault.  As the Berzerkers can fight twice, it makes it more needed to have a first line of chaff.  Thankfully, Grots did that in spades.

The Noise Marines were also the stars of the game, with the ability to basically throw the rules of the game out the window and shoot at anything they want after they died.  Maybe a bit OP, but I guess since it's "only" 3 shot bolters I guess they're less scary for some armies.  Hella effective against my Greenskins though.
I'm only really lucky that my opponent failed to use the Slaanesh Strategem of shooting twice as he didn't have enough CPs.

Speaking of which, that is an AMAZINGLY POWERFUL Strategem that seems completely OP compared to anything that the Orks have.  It's basically allowing you to do what you do best twice.  I guess that's why the Y'nnari are so powerful, but clearly the Noise Marines are just hella good at what they do.

If Orks get something similar (i.e. Fight/Charge twice or Shoot twice), then that will make them AMAZING.

As of right now, I didn't feel amazing in anything except for two things:

1.  Psychic Dominance.
With Smite Spam dead, the Weirdboyz (and Louie) just ruled the park doing Smites to snipe out Oblits and then just do whatever they want with their massive bonuses from surroudning boyz.  The Painboy also helped a lot by keeping them alive by healing them up.

Blocks of Boyz take bullets hella well.  My opponent's Anti-Tank was just sub-par versus BigToof and didn't do anything against the wall of Boyz.  And the Boyz were getting shot out of their boots, but I had SO many, I didn't need to care until the very end of the game.  And the Sluggas are just so deadly with their massive number of S4 attacks, I didn't really need the Waargh! Banner or even Warpath.  I really think that the simple Slugga boy was the best unit for the Orks so far.

BigToof was a big, useful distraction Carnifex, but if my opponent had say... taken less Berzerkers and cultists but MORE Oblits, it would have been a bad day.

The Painboy was useful to keep Lorilune and the Weirdboyz up, but he wasn't AS useful for the other units, save the Stormboyz in the beginning.  6+ save is ok, but is it worth the points?

Wingnut's KFF was really needed for BigToof, as otherwise it just wouldn't work.  The Mek is sadly not tough enough to fight on his own, so I'm still not sure what to do with him.  Maybe give him the relic?

The Grots were really, really useful for taking it in the face and filling out the troop choice slots.  I loved having them.

The Stormboyz were cute, but I think I either need to take more of them or maybe another unit for them to be really useful.

The W! Banner Nob was a bit too much.  I think I'll cut him out of the next iteration and put in some KMK Mek Gunz or more Stormboyz.  Or maybe Kommandos?

Overall, it was a great experience and got me back into liking the game again.  Clearly, the Orks need a LOT of help against Codex armies and at 1500pts they are ok as there isn't a mass of CPs available for both sides to use.
I can only hope that the Ork Codex will be HALF as epic as the CSM codex is though...  Those Stratagems are rough to have to fight agaisnt.

Hope you all enjoyed the rep!  Comments greatly appreciated!




Of a sorts.

Lorilune surveyed the battlefield, looking at her much depriciated forces.  There was no way that they could take the spaceyard with these meager forces.

How had the forces of Chaos become involved?  Was this lunacy of Grumgutz's somehow garnered such attention that it required direct involvement of the Warp itself?  Clearly something more was going on.  All she had to do was keep her wits about her and...


Lorilune glanced up at the enormous Gorkanaut who was wiping his Cultist-strewn feet off in the forest.


"No, you imbicile!" yelled Lorilune, "They were..."

Suddenly, a thought smashed right into Lorilune's mind as if hidden for some time.  Indeed, it was a crazy idea, but it just might work.

"Wingnut.  Get your people together.  I need you to make something."

"Make somefin'?"  Wingnut said, ears perking up at the idea.  "What kind of somefin' Louie?"

"I need to call some old favors in.  We just need to send out a message loud enough for them to hear it..."


TO BE CONTINUED!  (In the next installment that is!)
Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« Last post by BigToof on January 07, 2018, 12:55:37 PM »
My resolution is to try and find a way to make battle reports more interesting and not be too overwhelming time wise.

...  I've been doing a lot of TTRPG lately.  I've done Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark and some D&D 5th...

Maybe we should make a thread to share war stories?

Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« Last post by Deraj on January 06, 2018, 02:47:26 AM »

Had my first session of D&D tonight. Currently playing a Ranger with a "Raised by Wolves" style backstory, and a flaw of believing in survival of the fittest. Great mix for a Chaotic Neutral character.

For my dwarf barbarian that's the background I rolled. I decided to take the path of the wolf features because of it, and it was really fun... until the dm decided at level 5 that the campaign which has a druid, a ranger, a dwarf barbarian raised by wolves, and a wood elf cleric will take place entirely in one city, no matter how hard we try to leave.
Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« Last post by Sorck on January 06, 2018, 12:14:49 AM »
I think my aim for the year is going to be pretty minimal. Probably paint up my Ork combat patrol (big mek, 3 kanz, a few grotz, maybe some boyz though I'm trying to keep the mek & grot theme).

I'm considering necrons but I'm debating what metallic colour to go for, and what the light colour on the mode should be. Purple or a cold blue are quite tempting.

On the IG side of things I'd like to get some more cadians painted up, but suspect that won't happen!

And for Tyranids I have nearly two full space hulk stealer sets, a termagant brood, and a tervigon. They could do with painting but I can't decide on a scheme. Ideally it should be one with a fairly quick time per gaunt, and per gargoyle, so I can get lots of numbers into the army. I would really like a full Gargoyle brood. They look so menacing. But they'd probably need a companion flyrant or two to be really menacing.
Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« Last post by Narric on January 05, 2018, 11:56:58 PM »
Anyone have any thoughts?
Try websites like this:
They'll show you good colour mixes, like if a colour contrasts with it or not. If you have one, try looking for the older Citadel and Space Marine painting guides GW made a few years ago. Not the more recent smaller chunks ones, but the two full books. they'll be the best resource I reckon.

Had my first session of D&D tonight. Currently playing a Ranger with a "Raised by Wolves" style backstory, and a flaw of believing in survival of the fittest. Great mix for a Chaotic Neutral character.

Ended up becoming a temporary guardian to a young Dwarf girl we found in a ruined temple to a goddess of death housing a dozen or so Goblins.

Managed a few one-hit kills, the first being on a sentry, the other on the end-of-dungeon "boss" XD

Oh, and one of the party kept messing with my character psychologically while at the end of it all I'm now some sort of vocal point for previously mentioned goddess of death.

Oh, become a waitress, I tip well :P
Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« Last post by Deraj on January 05, 2018, 07:31:13 PM »
My... hobby list recently threw a wrench in its own works. I bought the shadows over hammerhal set this summer on prize support and let it gather dust ever since (using a sequel to silver tower is hard when the groups Ive played with have gotten 2/8, 4/8, 5/8, of the way through it since summer) but now I decided... well, I'm tired of playing beastclaw in aos because Im so sick of the whining about my OP army that I came close to quitting. Then I played with my phoenix guard from fantasy thinking 'well, elves don't have a full army, these will suck' at which point I got first place in 2 tournaments in a row and shelved them too. So... what does this have to do with anything?

The shadows box set comes with a unit of blood reavers, a chaos sorcerer, a unit of putrid blightkings, and a unit of kairic acolytes... also known as ~600 points of chaos. My LGS is starting a year long tournament series going 750-1k-1250-1500-1750-2k, so now seems to be the perfect time to start a new army. My problem is that I saw a great way to paint a pinkish maroon cloth, so I settled on that for cloth and liked it, then I decided to use the purplish brass from the sisters of silence for all my metallics, then decided... well, I want my army to be themed around fighting death (great timing with malign portents) so I want to paint the armor paneling bone. I thought it looked alright, nothing too amazing, and think the bone color is the problem... and upon going to a hobby shop this weekend and seeing that that's the color scheme of a group in warmachine, fell out of love with the scheme. I can't think of a color to do instead of bone that will work well with the brass and pink though, which I like. Black might work, but... black is boring and overdone. I want something neutral, because I want to play mortals of all 4 gods and have them coalesce...

Anyone have any thoughts?
Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« Last post by Narric on January 01, 2018, 08:26:18 PM »
Happ Ne Yea

I've decided to track my hobby tall in my sig. Off to a fantastic start after day 1 this year :P
Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« Last post by Mabbz on January 01, 2018, 07:16:09 PM »
Same. Mostly skeletons, at least until the new tau codex comes out.
Hobby / Re: New Year Hobby Resolutions
« Last post by Cammerz on January 01, 2018, 10:42:47 AM »
Happy New Year all, time to start on those hobby-related resolutions. I've got a lot to paint.
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