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Author Topic: Why take Possessed!  (Read 1107 times)

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Why take Possessed!
« on: February 02, 2013, 05:59:24 am »
Why bother with this unit. This unit have an unquie look to them and the models look nice. Although I will tell you why it is ok to field them while others say nay.

Looking at 260 points for a 10 man squad is not cheap. At base this is what you are looking at.

Marine stats with +1 attack at strength five with an invulnerable save. In my opinion not worth the point cost yet. They have fleet which is helpful. Fear if it goes off is nice. While in combat you will get 1 of these 3 effects.

1. Re-roll wounds
2. Ap 3
3. 4 attacks on charge and int 5

Let's compare this against marines with a 10 man squad charging:
1. 30 attacks, 15 hits, 12 wounds, 4 dead marines
2. 30 attacks, 15 hits, 10 wounds, 10 dead marines
3. 40 attacks, 20 hits, 14 wounds, 4 dead marines

At base on the charge they hurt marines pretty well unless you roll a 1-2 or 5-6. Attacking back it would be like hitting expensive marines however.

Against guard
1. 30 attacks, 20 hits, 19 wounds, 13 dead guards men
2. 30 attacks, 20 hits, 14 wounds, 14 dead guards men
3. 40 attacks, 27 hits, 23 wounds, 16 dead guardsmen

When atttacking guardsmen they do a good job doing so.

They can take marks as well. Which all of them are pretty decent. Khorne would help out a lot with adding more attacks vs marines that is one - three dead marines and with guard that's 4-6 extra dead guardsmen. One of the cheapest icons out there which is 30 points extra for an already expensive squad.

Mark of Nurgle is actually helpful which makes it harder for you to lose models.

Mark of Tzeentch is good if you know you will be facing a lot of anti marine weapons which your guys will have a +4 invulnerable

Mark of Slaanesh is good vs marines since you will strike first.

Next you can take Icons.

Icon of Khorne is worth taking this changes 1-3 earlier, I'll mention marines where guard isn't a big factor at this point.

1. 40 attacks, 20 hits, 19 wounds, 13 dead marines
2. 40 attacks, 20 hits, 17 wounds, 17 dead marines
3. 50 attacks, 25 hits, 21 wounds, 14 dead marines

For 45 points more you are wiping out marine squads, terminator squads start to take notice with them killing 3 terminators dishing out 17-21 wounds. Even MCs have to worry with your typical MC under ws 8

1. 15 wounds, 5 unsaved wounds on 3+
2-3 4 unsaved wounds on a 3+

You can say they can kill or nearly kill what you need them to kill.

Tzeentch Icon is a waste as well as Nurgle since you can't shoot and already have fear.

The Slaanesh Icon is a very good icon.

With the Slaanesh Icon and Mark your guys will be int 5 or 6 in combat. Also they will have feel no pain on top of a 3+/5+. I would personally go with this combo. While the knorne combo is good and great attacking and being attacked you can have good int and have some protection as well.

Moving on this is one of the rare units that can have 2 marks and the champion have the champion of chaos rule.

Due to the many combonations I can have. I will roll 3x with 2 marks to show if it is worth the 20 points. I think so.

Try one
24 eternal warrior: worthless
1 : unworthy

Try one crap
64: multiple rewards +2
+1 toughness

The +1 tougness is helpful, man I am rolling really bad

Ice aura
Multiple + 2
Range weapon has +1 strength

I noticed I roll 1s and 6s a lot. Anyway the first being bad, second ok, and third worst than 2 and better than one I might change my opinion that it is worth the points to roll on the table.

Howeverif you are a better roller than me you can have acess to extra strength and toughness, etc.

The bad I see in this unit is that the champion besides gettng 2 rolls on the chart really don't have much to offer. In essence you're forced to roll on the chart. Another problem I see is no grnades. I think throwing in a HQ choice would really be helpful with this unit. Given the right marks and icons this unit can be deadly.