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Author Topic: Making a campaign for Tau fluff.-curious about numbers...  (Read 1055 times)

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Making a campaign for Tau fluff.-curious about numbers...
« on: February 18, 2013, 05:39:41 am »

Rather than write a backstory for my Tau where it's written with no risk and there are few casualties, I would rather create a semi randomised campaign for them (also get some good playing experience as i will likely use tokens against a friend rather than buy the army I want to play which will hopefully result in an easy win for me)  [not played a game since 5th].

Anyways-the first step is figuring out which armies the Tau are likely to face.  Using 2 10 sided dice I can get values from 000-99 (where i would count 000 as 100 giving me a 1-100 effect).  I have read as much as i can about the tau and have come up with some percentages to determine various likelihood's of other races inhabiting a planet around tau space.

Imperium.-These blokes are everywhere-but aren't thorough in terms of colonisation and have gaps everywhere.  I would say there is probably a 30/100 chance of humans occupying a planet.  Once you consider that the Tau made a major incursion into Imperial space after the Damocles Crusade, The chance of the next one being imperial is larger-however this is reduced by unwillingness to run into the farsight enclaves so the likelihood of tau travelling in the direction of those worlds is small.  This makes me inclined to stick with the 30% chance of imperial world.

Necrons.-Ive no idea what % of worlds these blokes have tombs on or where their forces are concentrated (are they around tau space particularly more than anywhere else?  I'm estimating 1% at the moment due to whatever incoherenct babble i've picked up...  Does anyone know the actual % of worlds that these guys are on?

Eldar-As I understand it, craftworlds are in decline, and very hard to come by due to how they are protected.  Do Eldar have outposts and the like that could be found by the Tau?  estimating around 5%-again would like some info from someone else about what the eldar inhabit, and how many of these places there are.

Orks-the guys Tau hate.  Due to how much they come up in the codex as both early and late conflict I will assume that the ork population around Tau Space is quite high.  thinking 40%?

Nids-As these guys leave worlds completely void of anything, and them leaving once they are done, For my plantary assult they have a 0% chane

Chaos-slightly less frequent than the imperium i think...chance of attacking a chaos world around 20%?

As Dark Eldar do not have worlds and live somewhere hidden by the warp (i think-been a while since i read their codex) i assume their chance of initial contact to be non existent.  They may or may not appear later in the campaign depending on how complex I may make it/whether the dice values i assign their presence at the time are rolled.

This results in 96 of 100 points that need to be used...

Are my values reasonable in terms of determining chance?

If not please explain why-(would like to make a backstory accurate to the game and lore)

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Re: Making a campaign for Tau fluff.-curious about numbers...
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2013, 05:55:57 am »
Well, the current 2 most populous races are Humans and Orks.  So they would have the highest numbers, though Imperial Guard would be the most likely Human adversary with the occasional Ally from Space Marines, Sisters, and Inquisition.

Nobody really knows how many Necron are out there, not even they do.  Many Tomb Worlds were cut off or have devolved, but were still quite numerous according to the latest codex.

Eldar.  There are 4 types of Eldar one may meet, depending on where you are in the galaxy.  Dark Eldar and Corsairs are raiders, so you would most likely meet them after you made land fall, but it's possible you may arrive amidst one of their raids.  Craftworld Eldar make planetfall to raid, gather resources, or turn the course of a being/force to suit their own ends.  Encounters with them should be as common as the Corsairs or Dark Eldar.

Then there are the Exodites.  Eldar who left the corruption of Commurragh long before the Craftworlds were built and became, for all intents and purposes, feral.  These are usually maiden worlds and guarded jealously by their inhabitants as well as Craftworlders.  These worlds tend to be on the exact opposite side of the galaxy from the Eye of Terror, as those who were closer were claimed by Slaanesh in the Fall.  Oddly enough, the Tau are also in their neck of the woods as well, and so would be more likely encountering them in early exploration than the Humans would have if they were just starting out.  Still, not a common occurrence in meeting them.

Nids, really depends on which direction from T'au you are heading from, as to the likeliness of hitting them in a planetary assault.  But even then, you would see heavy fleet action before committing to hitting a planet of the bugs.

Now for Chaos, I'd say you have a moderate chance (say 15-25%) of running in to a Human or other Alien world who have devolved in to Chaos worship for one reason or another (Dark Angel Fallen, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, Lord X from Y Legion, or just Lord Governor Full-Of-Himself).

One other thought, you may run in to a feral Kroot world.  They have not signed on with the treaty of the Tau, or possibly not even heard of it, and may treat you as invaders as quickly as an Human or Ork.
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