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Author Topic: Apocalypse Strategy I want advice on  (Read 1014 times)

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Apocalypse Strategy I want advice on
« on: February 20, 2013, 12:44:12 am »
So, with an upcoming 7,000 point Apocalypse game, I need a little help honing my list. I know what my opponent has and he knows what I have (approximately, at least) so with that to work on here is my plan.
My list is centered around a Stompa, Big Mek Stompa, Skullhamma, and Necron Pylon counts as. (But Orky.) Other than that, nob bikers, a crapload of boys, 9 deffkoptas, a battlewagon, a few trukks, and a looted wagon. Lootas, burnas, meganobs, and regular nobs also show up in lesser numbers. HQ choices are Ghazzy, Grotsnik, a couple other ICs not worth mentioning, a biker boss, 2 Kustom Force Field meks, two Shokk Attack gun Meks, and a wierdboy.
(Both Stompas have a rokkit platform, an imperial armor that gives 3d6 s9 ap3 shots per turn)

They have a few orks, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves. But more importantly,  they have 2 reaver titans.

My plan is to bid low on deployment so I get the first turn, put everything I can into vehicles so deployment takes no time, and then try and kill obe of his Reavers before he can use it. I figure that Lootas can knock down the void shields and then (using the Focus Fire asset) hopefully kill it the rest of the way, or at least disable all the guns. I figure with all the potential shots hitting on 2+, I can definitely get through with some things.

On turn two, Ghazzy will outflank with Flank March along with Zagstruk deep striking and some meganobz, with plans to assault the other Reaver and hopefully cause some pain.
I figure obce those are dead, the rest will be a cakewalk. (Especially if the Reavers explode in a nuclear way.)

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