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Author Topic: dark angels 9th birthday  (Read 886 times)

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dark angels 9th birthday
« on: March 27, 2013, 11:49:23 pm »
Hello. Anyway on my kids 9th birthday I will start supporting his 40k interest. He wanted to start Dark Angels after 2 weeks of making sure that's what he want. Stupid store owners pushing the army peeked his interest. I wanted him to play something that he liked.

Anyway I bought the starter kit which we got one game in so far with. With my help he beat me. Damn split fire tore me up. Anyway here is what I would like suggestions on.

1. He wants more terminators. The question for this is how to kit them out. I have found da to be confusing to kit out. The shooting is ok and not impressive even with twin linked help. If he does all storm shields than it takes from shooting.

2. He knows after watching all term armies do badly not to go that route, but trying to find a right mix. He likes that he can ds off his bikes and looks like he wants more bikes. This comes in to question do he go troop terms, bikes, or both. The problem with both is that t do so is to take 200-400 point HQs to do so. I'm trying to figure out what additionsl units or what set up he wants to go.

3. I'm getting him more terms, and debating on a marine or scout squad. He likes the ideal of snipers when I explained to him what cammo cloaks do.

Anyway I am buying within a budget. Not being cheap, but want to get what he will play with.