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Author Topic: 1850 Slaanesh/ Khorne Daemon list  (Read 1943 times)

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1850 Slaanesh/ Khorne Daemon list
« on: May 16, 2013, 07:58:37 AM »
I played a few games with Tau and decided to re work my daemon list. I dropped my abundance on psychic powers due to farseers and wolf priest. The lowest I in my army is four so Jaws shouldn't be an issue.

After watching a few games and playing both Tau and Daemons this is what I decided to run.

I am waiting on my bases for my khorne units. I just finished putting my herald of khorn model together. I need to file down th green stuff from him.

Sadly a once painted daemon army have to be painted again :facepalm001:.

Anyway let me start off with the fleshhounds addition. For some reason I always thought they was tougness 3. Besides that I think I may like the plague flies better. For 336 points I can take 8 flies and if I add a bringer with gifts that would be 361 points. For 386 I can take the banner that wound on 2s. Heck for 428 I can run 9 of them. At first it seems a lot but my hounds with herald is 475 points. Which means I will have roughly 50 points I can use for psychic powers.

The problem is I lose my portal for starters, bloodthister maybe. Also it's 27 toughness 5 wounds vs 43 toughness 4 wounds.

That being said I still think hounds is not a poor choice. I seen them get shot up pretty good. I am only running one squad compared to many who run with 2-3 squads of them. However my dameonettes hve been known to clean up rather nicely. Thanks to the hounds my daemonettes should make it to my opponent in decent condition. instead of deepstriking my grinder I might run with it. In turn two I should easily be able to torrent what I want. I will try both and see.

Here is my list. Please give opinions and the such, so I can modify. I think it's a good build. The portalglyph can help me with objectives while my army moves up and eat my opponent.

As a side note I might also use my cannons for strength 7 hammer of wrath attacks to help with assaults.

 1850 Slaanesh/ Khorne

Head Quarters
300 Bloodthirster Warlord: Exalted, Greater
The goal is Riftbringer so I can summon more daemons. Soul Eater, Doubly Blessed, and Freenzy would be fine. If not than I will get The Eternal Blade for the extra attacks.

If I get Doubly Blessed I will probably get a lesser etherblade if I do not get corrosive breath, warp breath and maybe burning blood.

With th greater reward unless I get 5 or 6. I would go with 5 depending on fighing nids for example. If. Not I will go for blade of blood.

This planning for the Thirster has worked really well so far.

155 Herald of Khorne: Exalted, Juggernaut, Exalted locus of wrath

My thoughts here is join my herald to fleshhounds where he will scout move with them. I will give him a Portalglyph so I can spawn more daemons. His locus will give the hounds hatred which will allow them to re roll to hit. Most playes I seen go for the +2 attacks on the charge. The problem though if you multi-assault you won't get the +2 and the furious charge. However I plan on multi-asaulting, so even though I lose furious charge I can do some damage with the re rolling to hit.

If I roll a one on the exaulted I would probably get a leser etherblade. The shooting attacks is nice with great bs, but the hounds need to tie up units.

120 Herald of Slaanesh: Greater, Lesser, Steed, Beguilement

This is the best herald I think besides maybe Nurgle. This herald in all my games has done many great things so far.

 First off the beguilment gives the unit to re roll miss hits, which means more rending. As long as the herald is alive the whole unit re roll to hit all the time. If this wasn't enough I get to pick on characters. I declare a challenge and the person I pick has to accept, no getting out of it. Great for killing dem commissars are killing off an Ethereal.

The steed gives the model + 1 atttack, taking two weapons another + 1, +1 for the charge for 7 attacks. If this wasn't enough I have the greater Etherblade and Witstealer.

The Greater Etherblade with Beguilment will give me 7 strength 5 attacks that re roll to hit. Which means 6 dead tau or 5 dead marines or 4 dead terminators, with a possible two dead storm shield terminators. The witsteal is good vs tougness 7 or higher models or weak saving models. I can possibly do more wounds with my rending.

Bloodthirster is still better, cost double as much, but she can easily wound him twice if she survives his attacks. Hince why it's good for her to also be able to decline challenges as well and let the daemonettes kill the Thirster.

The one power helps the unit vs psychic attack and to be lucky and get acquiescence. Personally I wish it was a shooting attack, due to me having to do it in the movement phase it will be really hard to pull off. Anyway this helps me vs armies like Tau which kills overwatch and lowers I to the point where I go first or strike at the same time. I might go with Telepathy again which have been working w ell in the past. The problem is invisibility the really awesome one is 2 warp charges and I will have to try at mastery 2 which is not cheap.

105 Herald of Slaanesh: Exalted, Beguilement

This herald will be my bearer for the book of true names, so far this squad has done rather well and only died once, and that was due to poor placement. If placed right the squad is rather hard to kill off. I thought about giving it to the hounds, but I rather give it to a differant unit that would survive longer. Also I thought about nurgle troops, but with extra 3" movement the daemonettes can cross the board rather quickly. If not able to assault in turn 2 they can easily do so in 3. Till than my hounds and thirster have been tying up armies pretty well. Even if they wipe the hounds and thister by turn 2 my daemonettes will wipe out the rest. I usually get two powers on this one, but decide beguilment is better and if possible I will get the lesser etherblade if a 1 is rolled on my exauled table.

300+145+155+130= 730
I personally don't like spending 730 into HQ, but 3 force multipliers and a Thirster seems worth it with cheap troops.


216 17x Daemonettes of Slaanesh: Rapturous Standard
Alluress: Greater

216 18x Daemonettes of Slaanesh: Rapturous Standard
Alluress: Greater

This is my shortest troop count for daemons yet. The problem with hounds is they suck your points in troops. Same with HQ.

I am thinking strongly on Fate Weaver which will free up almost 150 points. I will take nurgle or tzeentch to hold objectives. The squad will be easily a 15 man squad. The problem though my troops or not awesome unless I run a herald. Also it means I have to put tre names on the thirster and drop the portal. Which means the spare points might go into a prince.

Anyway I'll try this list out a few times and see. The portal should help a bit and I might get lucky with the thirster and spawn more troops through combat.

The being said I gave both squads standard due to them really helping out. If I drop ws by 2 that means marines and the like will now hit me on 5s instead of 4s. Models with high ws is greatly effected as well. I can lower genestealers so the hitme on 4s instead of 3s. It makes a differance in combat so I decided to keep. Also by having a standard it helps a lot with combat resolution.

207+207= 414
414+730= 1144

Heavy Support

125 SkullCannon

125 SkullCannon

The two skullcannons are for grenade love and anti-horde killing vs other armies the ignore coving saves weapon can instant kill toughness 4 models. It's great for killing Nurgle models. Also they are great kill pathfinders from Tau and Eldar.

170 Soul Grinder:Daemon of Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent

First by going slaanesh all my attacks are rending. Which means both range weapons have rending.

Due to the new Tau book I decided to try to deep strike my Grinder, so far most Tau builds are majority strength 7 with interceptor. Even with str 8 unless I am in melta range it will be hard to get rid of the grinder.

With my two daemonette squads up front with icons he can deep strike within 6" of either icon. My daemonettes by turn 2 can eaisly get my grinder in the enemies deployment zone.

This tactic will kill any fire warrior squads using cover. Also it puts a melee killing tank crusher in the enemy lines. To make it even more scarry I can give it a +3 invulnerable save and smash what I need it to smash.

If the player is running flyers I can run with the daemonnettes and arrive in battle the same time as they do.

Re rolling run and +3 to run really helps to get across the board quickly.

125+125+170= 420
1144+420= 1560 Fast Attack
1560+288= 1848
320 20x Flesh Hounds

 1560+288= 1848
+50 from dropping 2 powers
Added 2 hounds, and 2 daemonettes.

I went back and drop the psychic powers for more units which gives me 65 models total.

A recap so it's easier to understand:

Bloodthirster: Exhaulted, Greater
Herald of Khorne: Juggernaught, Exhauleted, Wrath
Herald of Slaanesh: steed, greater, lesser, beguilement
Herald of Slaanesh: Exhaulted, beguilement
19 daemonettes/ alluress: standard, greater
19 daemonettes/ alluress: standard, greater
20 fleshhounds
Slaanesh Grinder: Baleful