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Author Topic: 1850 Tyranids  (Read 1809 times)

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1850 Tyranids
« on: May 26, 2013, 03:32:51 PM »
I am very limited due to missing a good chunk of my nid army :facepalm001: However I wil welcome advice :-\.

Tommorrow I am going to play against Tau. I want to still go all commer and not anti-tau. I know his list rather well, but he is going to use my models from Tau so he can have a completly differant list on top of what he is already using.

That being said this is what I put together in like 20 min. I am thinking of dropping the armor and spores for 14 more gaunts which would be a squad of 24, but before I do that here is my plan. I can aslo drop prime to regular tryon so I can get a full squad of 30 gaunts.

The plan is to have doom, trygon, and a troop unit in reserve. With double +1 on reserve rolling I am coming in on a 2+. My doom come in and do his stuff with my Trygon. Also my troop will outflank which I can re roll. I am thinking of outflanking with my Tervigon or 30+ gaunts if I go that way.

I am going full biomancy and my do some pyromancy as well, and some telepathy, depends how my biomancy rolls turn out. For my doom I will go biomancy as well. If I get iron arm than it will be hard to instant kill me. Smite is a really good power if all else fails and the life drain power is awesome due to me getting two added wounds at least from using the power if I get a wound, no the doom is not broken.