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Author Topic: Shadow of the North [Recruitment]  (Read 1981 times)

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Shadow of the North [Recruitment]
« on: June 19, 2013, 04:36:29 am »
So I'm doing another RP, one where you will not destroy a door so easily. It will be a Fantasy world of our making named Terra (coz I think Terra is bitchin' name for a World), the geographics will be the same as our own Earth because I am lazy to do a map. The setting is pretty much ancients-medieval kind of thing i.e. no black powder weapons other than those available to the Imperial Alchemist of the Imperial University but they're pretty much limited to making bombs and grenades. Note, we have magic! But magic are only sanctioned by certain authorities and any unsanctioned magic users will be prosecuted.

Anyway, the main setting for our RP is on the edge of the Empire (Think Roman Empire), where a legion and its auxiliary regiments are occupying a newly annexed feudal city-state. You would be in the area of "France" where the land is pretty much dominated by barbarian tribes and feudal warlords, and some monsters here and there. However, being the only legion in the area, the Legate has decided to consolidate his position but with only so few men, he decided to draw the local adventurers i.e. mercenaries to carry out tasks i.e. bounties, scouting, tracking, etc. In fact, he is also willing to recruit some of the locals into a new auxiliary regiment for the local garrison.

Though the Empire is a human ethnocentric empire, it sees the practicality of incorporating the other races into its fold so long as they prove useful to the Empire. Elves, Dwarves, Gnolls, Half-Orcs and other races form auxiliary regiments which are normally attached to human legions. This is so to keep the other races in their place but also since of their unique of strengths and abilities, they're more efficient and effective in their own respective regiments. That said, the races that actually pledged their allegiance or at least bow their heads and pretend to be serious are mostly exiles or those who are dissatisfied with their own race's nation. The Empire is called the "Empire of Outcasts and Exiles" by the other races. The non-human races within the Empire are treated fairly well but they're limited when it comes to certain things like holding certain offices or trading within a certain economic zone but they're okay with it since most of them are given their own territory and the human traders come to them. However, they're obligated to raise auxiliary regiments for the Imperial legions and raise their own local garrison to defend themselves. The Imperials prize them for their strength and the low odds of the Half-Orcs ripping their arms off.

Just a few quick notes on the other races. Orcs are pretty much a raiding war-like race living to the southeast of the Empire in the deserts and plains in tribes and clans (Central Africa and Arabian Peninsular) and constantly warring with everybody. Their half-blooded descendants when they rape human females i.e. Half-Orcs are totally shun by the Orcs or made into slaves thus most opted to join the Empire and a lot of them serve in Auxiliary regiments. The Elves like in "Britain" and are pretty much a kingdom with a King or Queen from either one of the Houses within the Elven Kingdom. Though they're more tolerant of their Half-blooded cousins but they're pretty much second class citizens. The Dwarves live in the mountains and valleys to the north of the Empire, again they live in Clans and Families. They hold the biggest grudge against the Empire because they fought an earlier with the Empire over resources e.g. mines, timber, etc. But some close one eye since the trade is lucrative and those exile dwarfs still do hold some ties to their families and clans back home.

That said, we will doing the RP on the Roll20 Website and using the Tales of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games. Since this is a world of our own making and if you have a race or an organization to add to the world, do tell and i'll see where I can fit them in. Do note that RP may be run at unusual hours since some of us live in different time zones.

Edit: Gnolls (By Aun)

"Basically they where created as a slave and servitor race by an ancient civilisation of magic users in africa who worshiped daemon gods. For reasons unkown, the civilisation fell (slave revolt? some catastrophy? unkown, but humans with infernal characteristics are born at times, such as tails and horns, etc.)

The gnoll race basically scattered and picked up a tribal existence in the savannahs before spreading north and into forests as hunter gatherers. Being breed as a slave race, they find it easy to interact with and take orders from other races, especially humans.

They have a surprisingly strong magical and shamanic tradition though, with some ancient scrolls sometimes finding their way into their campsites. Gnolls generally worship nature spirits, but in times of war they can and call for boons from daemon gods."

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