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Author Topic: Theocratic Heresy Gameplay Thread  (Read 13832 times)

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Re: Theocratic Heresy Gameplay Thread
« Reply #45 on: November 12, 2013, 10:44:58 am »
Orson woke up just before dawn, getting dressed and moving out to the common area. As he stepped out of his room he was instantly on guard as he noticed the blue glow in the room. He relaxed when he realised it was Nefarian at the Entertainment unit, though he wasn't sure if he was still up, or just up early, "Have you slept at all Nefarian?"
"Find anything interesting in the unit."
" No, it is very heavily encrypted and there are lots of security measures in place. Whoever owns this place is very well connected. I haven't seen security measures like this since...."
Looking embarassed Nefarian continued, "I am not allowed to tell you. I've already said too much."
"Ok... Well I am going up to the roof to pray. I'll be back down in an hour."

Orson returned and hour later, finding Nefarian still at the unit. He shrugged before moving into the Kitchen, "Anyone else up yet?"
"I am" Jaspar announced as he came out of his room. "Though I suspect Janas will be asleep for sometime and I for one, do not feel like trying to wake a Pyromancer. I LIKE my hair."
Orson laughed before replying, "Probably smart. In the mean time, we can make breakfast, best save some for Janas."
"Probably a good idea."
"I think we should go see the Administratum contact before lunch, that will give us a chance to see what he might know and then after lunch we can check out the club, what do you both think?" asked Nefarian.

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Re: Theocratic Heresy Gameplay Thread
« Reply #46 on: November 12, 2013, 06:06:08 pm »
"That sounds best. Though I've still no idea what we're supposed to be finding out from him. At a guess, it's related to this blood sport the pub landlord mentioned." Jaspar replied.
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