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Author Topic: Will's Motivation/Painting Plog  (Read 25304 times)

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Re: Will's Motivation/Painting Plog
« Reply #75 on: September 06, 2014, 07:25:23 pm »
You have a lot of wasted space in the picutres. Cropping it so the border is closer to the model weill help them fit on the page beter, and you'd be able to have them side by side, rather then as a column :)

Paintwork looks great, though I do agree with the fake tan model :P

Would I be close to assume Malifaux is like a High-fantasy setting much like Infinity?

It's more steampunk, pistols, swords and some magic, where as infinity is more futuristic. Very interesting although because of stat cards instead of army books I feel you do miss out on the background a bit, especially as I prefer the mini rulebooks to the big ones.

As for the pictures, I was trying to avoid the pitfall I usually fall into of taking the picture too close up, which always looks worse than it should, cropping would probably help though.

- Will
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