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Author Topic: Bloodcrushers Vs Flesh Hounds  (Read 1650 times)

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Bloodcrushers Vs Flesh Hounds
« on: April 11, 2014, 05:32:41 pm »
So, I have been thinking about running pure Khornate daemons. I have a conundrum about a choice between Bloodcrushers and Flesh hounds.

So this is the Idea for the bloodcrushers
5 Bloodcrushers with Banner of Blood, Karanak Pts 365
So the idea about this unit is getting a unit of Bloodcurshers a Scout move, and have an icon to drop bloodletters up close in personal. It is pricey unit

And this is the idea for the flesh hounds
15 Flesh Hounds with Karanak pts 360
Big unit of flesh hounds, a giant tar pit that can tie up treat for ages while the rest of the army does it thing.

Which one would you pick?