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Author Topic: Second Sphere Transfers and Donations  (Read 2860 times)

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Second Sphere Transfers and Donations
« on: October 26, 2015, 06:30:24 PM »
Second Sphere and Sorck are now partnering to bring you some waterslide transfers and the ability to directly fund future 2S competitions or contribute towards site upkeep.

  • International orders will not be accepted for a few weeks... Sorck needs to learn how to fill out the customs form first.
  • Please include your 2S user ID in the order comments - we may send dispatch notices via PM, e-mail and/or PayPal.
  • We have no idea how well the system works and informs us of orders. To that end it'd be great if you could PM @Sorck when you place an order.

First, here are the all new transfers:

We are selling 4 different sets to start with
NameProduct IDPriceTotal Transfers
2S Transfer SetTN 2S 01 M6£560
65 Lightning Bolt Transfer SetTN SP 02 M6£565
Teardrop Transfer SetTN SP 01 M7£560
99 Multi-Coloured IconsTN GS 01 M4£899

Please note that all transfers come with the number of stated coloured transfers and the same number again that are white. The white ones are backing transfers. If you are applying transfers to a non white surface then you must first place the backing transfer on the model else you will experience a colour bleed issue.

When applying transfers we recommend that you cut the transfer as closely as possible to the pigment using fine scissors or a sharp knife (be careful not to cut yourself). Make sure to clean the surface you are applying to and, if possible, apply Micro Sol to the area. You then soak the transfer in water (non-flowing) for 15s. Use tweezers to move the transfer (backing paper attached) onto a piece of tissue paper or a sponge in order to remove some excess moisture. Now use the tweezers to place the transfer on the model and remove the backing paper. You can use a clean brush and Micro Sol to flatten the transfer and make it conform to the surface. You may now repeat this procedure if you wish to add a coloured transfer on top of your white base transfer. Once this is finished and fully dry (wait at least an hour) you may apply Micro Satin as a varnish.

NOTE: We have only tested the transfers with the Microscale Industries products Micro Sol and Micro Satin. Results using other products or companies may vary. We are in no way affiliated with Microscale Industries.

Donate to 2S
And of course we have also introduced the ability for you to donate to 2S.

Donations of 2S transfer sets are cheaper than buying a set for yourself and, best of all, they include free UK postage of the item. If you add a general contests donation at the same time then we may use this, if needed, to fund international postage of donated items.

Preferences for donation use

Note that Second Sphere may use general donations for any purpose including but not limited to:
  • Funding competition prizes
  • Paying server costs
  • Paying domain name costs

Postage Options
We charge a flat rate of £1 P&P. For deliverable items totaling £50 or more there is no flat rate P&P charge. Upgraded shipping options are available below.
International buyers must choose the appropriate upgrade from the shipping options below.
Postage Options
We will always try to dispatch same day but this is not always possible. Generally orders placed Wednesday to Saturday before noon will be dispatched same day. If you are ordering by Special Delivery guaranteed by 1pm or Signed For you may request a day for you to receive the item in the text box above or order comments (when at the checkout). We will try our best to dispatch on the appropriate day but no guarantees can be made.

Extended delivery options:
For Special Delivery on a Saturday, please order Special Delivery once and then three lots of Signed For. To upgrade to Saturday Special Delivery then you must order three lots of Special Delivery. For 9am Saturday Special Delivery then order both three of Signed For and Special Delivery guaranteed by 1pm. Make sure to include a comment of the delivery service you expect because it's possible we will fail to read it.
Note that if you are in Highlands or Islands then please be aware that the guaranteed arrival times are different at the same price points. Please contact us for additional information.

Custom Transfers
If you would like your own unique set of transfers produced then we may be able to deal with your request. We can design transfers in house and have them printed for you. Note that design costs will most likely be the primary cost of a set of transfers if they are designed specially for you. If you PM @Sorck with your request he will en devour to give you a quote. Please include any necessary pictures and quantities. If the design is deemed to be one which could sell in our store then we may waiver part or all of your design fee in exchange for

Transfer Requests
Think we should be selling another design? Post about it in this thread and we'll consider it. Note that we cannot produce transfers for copyrighted logos. However, we can produce generic logos such as letters, numbers, chevrons, arrows, tartan, national flags, etc.

We hope you enjoy the items available enough to purchase some. Please be aware that items may go out of stock in which case we will have another production run ASAP. If you wish to purchase large quantities then please contact @Sorck who may be able to provide a better price.

Second Sphere Admin Team
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