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Author Topic: 6th Edition Kill Team - 2 Battles - More Narrative  (Read 3050 times)

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6th Edition Kill Team - 2 Battles - More Narrative
« on: December 03, 2015, 08:22:44 PM »
Shas’Vre’Elsy’eir’Mal’caor led his team almost silently across the rooftops of the Imperial city. This place had been thriving when the Tau arrived and began their diplomatic talks with the populace of this frontier world, then the Chaos Space Marines made planetfall and everything went wrong. The Fire caste were only supposed to be there to show off their might in front of the gue’la and now Vre’Mal’caor’s team were chasing the trail of destruction left by the forces of chaos in search of their missing ethereal.

In all likelihood Aun’Vre’Ukos was dead, the forces of chaos didn’t tend to leave survivors and these bloodthirsty maniacs least of all, but the order had been given and so here they were. Vre’Mal’caor wasn’t opposed to sneaking around behind enemy lines with only the other members of his team supporting him, that was the role the Stealth Battlesuits excelled in and throughout numerous campaigns over many Tau’cyr, this team had yet to fail him.

The mission group was being commanded from the very top, coalition command. The Aun had lost one of their own and the stealth team had been equipped accordingly, a few of the team even receiving prototype wargear for the duration of the mission; Ui’Rmy’s XV25 had been fitted with a new variant Stimulant Injector, Ui’Kas had his old XV15 fitted with an equally old fusion blaster that had been developed for the suit before the ’25 began production and Vre’Mal’caor’s second-in-command, Ui’Tu had even acquired an experimental high-velocity burst cannon which she claimed could tear even the heaviest armour in half.

Tornvayr the Eviscerator could not see the prey, some undetectable sorcery must be at work, but he could still taste their souls. Silly little prey, out on their own, strolling into his hunting ground. Soon he would feed. And his kin would feed. He reached out a once-mortal claw and ripped a hole through realities, a scream echoing from his vox grilles and those of his kin. Time to feed.

Time for another battle report, two in fact because Kill Team games don’t take that long and we were able to come up with a vague narrative which I will now attempt to convert to paper (or pixels, whatever).

Yet again I’ll be introducing my narrative style to the reports so this may take you some time to read. Again I’ll be keeping the non-narrative play-by-play in spoiler tags to break up the wall of text a bit and so anyone who cares more for the fluff can stick to that aspect if they so desire.

As requested last time, there will be more little maps (it’s much easier when you play with so few models).
The first game is a direct sequel to the previous report whilst the second will start with the word ‘meanwhile’. So, let’s get started.

Mission – Infiltrate the camp

Tau (Attackers)
6 Stealth Battlesuits – Shas’vre, Markerlight and Target Lock, Fusion Blaster
- Shas’Vre’Mal’caor (Leader), Unshakeable Dedication to Duty (Zealot)
- Shas’Ui’Tu (Specialist 1), Rending (Ranged only)
- Shas’Ui’Kas (Specialist 2), Preferred Enemy
- Shas’Ui’Rmy (Specialist 3), Feel No Pain

Chaos (Defenders)
5 Warp Talons – 2x Gifts of Chaos (Eternal Warrior, Poisoned 4+), Mark of Khorne
- Tornvayr the Eviscerator (Leader), A Cunning Ruse (optional 3 outflankers)
- (Specialist 1), Hammer of Wrath
- (Specialist 2), Flesh Bane
- (Specialist 3), Scout

We looked through the rules and decided that this mission suited the current narrative. For those who haven’t looked through the Kill Team rules, this mission involves the attacker trying to get as many of his units as possible to leave the battlefield across the defender’s board edge. The attacker gets 1VP for each model across, the defender scores 1VP for each full three attacking models killed. Secondary objectives are each worth 1VP and they are; Slay the Leader (speaks for itself), First Blood (first to kill an opposing model) and Break the Enemy (destroy at least half of your opponent’s force). Night Fighting was in effect but given my in-built Blacksun Filters and his lack of ranged weapons, it really didn’t do anything.

As the attacker I set up first, deploying my Stealthsuits at the edge of my deployment zone so they could make their mad dash through the enemy lines. The Warp Talons set up opposite, their scout zooming forwards to near the halfway line. My opponent rolls a 4 and fails to steal the initiative.

A contact icon pinged on Vre’Mal’caor’s sensor suite drawing his attention to an area of sky just beyond the Imperial church ahead of him. A deep rend had appeared from the inky blackness enveloping the area in an eerie red glow and a figure erupted from nowhere, leading a trail of warp fire and howling with unnatural pitch and volume. It swooped low over a gue’la statue and rocketed straight towards the team, numerous additional pings announcing the arrival of four more who added their mechanically-enhanced voices to the chorus.

“Contact front, initiate Kles’tak protocol”, Vre’Mal’caor spoke calmly but with purpose, his team responding almost instinctively and kicking their jet packs into high gear. It didn’t matter if they were audible now, the daemons could sense them anyway.

As the foe blazed closer their nature was made apparent, clad in power armour like Astartes but with a strange aura surrounding them. They seemed to be on fire but the flames flickered between every conceivable colour, and some inconceivable ones which made it hard even to look at them. Gunfire echoed from the roof of the church and Vre’Mal’caor picked out the distinct hiss of a fusion blaster amongst the high calibre plasma bursts but his attention was immediately on the two figures hurtling towards him, enormous metallic claws flickering menacingly with sorcerous energies. Ui’Rmy dropped down next to him and they both opened up on full-auto, their shots ricocheting harmlessly from the daemonic armour before the creatures made contact.

Ui’Rmy gasped as a claw passed through his chestplate like it was smoke and Vre’Mal’caor watched in horror as his burst cannon-wielding left arm was torn off entirely, the claw proceeding into the jetpack and detonating the power cell. Muzzle flashes and warpfire atop the church were all he could see as the Shas’Vre tumbled down to the streets below, his vision blurring to darkness.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Shas’Ui’Tu silently despaired as she saw three blue icons wink out of existence on her HUD and a new squad command textbox appeared in the lower-right corner of her vision. She took a deep breath and activated command comms override.

“Stick to the plan, engage at will but we need to break through this. The Aun’vre is top priority, all else is inconsequential.”

She noted Ui’Kas igniting his fusion blaster and gaining instant revenge for their fallen comrade and, running across the roof she kicked her jet pack into hear one more, her two remaining teammates hot on her hooves.

Tornvayr the Eviscerator felt the destruction of his kin and performed a harsh aerial manoeuvre, his heightened sense picking up the near-invisible prey easily. His other kin jinked simultaneously and all four roared towards the prey, two already screaming of victories, Blood for the Blood God and Skulls for the Skull Throne.

As he neared the prey they turned, leaping backwards from the false church and unleashing a torrent of blue lights. One impacted Tornvayr’s helmet and he swiftly rolled away, his attack blunted by pathetic prey. Kin fared better. Kin killed the kinslayer and two halves of prey decorate the false church with an offering to Khorne.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

They were nearly there; Ui’Tu could see the entrance to a large only-partially-ruined building. If they could get inside then pursuit would be much easier to avoid as the daemonic Astartes would be forced to land or break off the chase. A cry, quickly cut short and the loss of another on-screen icon dumped an ice-cold bucket of reality over her. They weren’t going to make it. The Aun had chosen them for this mission and they were going to fail.

She remembered her words, only seconds ago but it seemed much longer. And she knew what she had to do.

Turning from her headlong flight she levelled her burst cannon at the nearest monster. This is the one that had killed Ui’Kas.

“Don’t stop Shas’Ui!” the specially modified weapon began to spin inside its casing and the experimental  plasma burst rounds shredded her friend’s killer, “Keep going, find the Aun’Vre!”, stepping backwards she saw three more descending upon her from all different directions. Her shots unable to catch them before they made contact. “For the Tau’v…”

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Ow. Vre’Mal’caor pulled the non-functioning helmet from his head and glanced around. The noise had stopped a while ago but it had taken a little while for his head to clear enough for him to realise that he’d been trying to remove the helmet with his left hand, the hand which now lay who knows where, probably still holding his burst cannon. It was probably a good thing that the original arm had been lost a long time ago and all that hung from his shoulder was a sparking conglomeration of metal and wires. The serious damage had been done to his power supply so he’d certainly be walking back.

“Back with us Shas’Vre?”, although his eyes were still acclimatising themselves to the moonless night Vre’Mal’caor recognised the voice of Ui’Rmy and he was soon able to pick out the form of his comrade sitting on a pile of rubble nearby, a heavy bandage around his torso scavenged from who knows where and no sign of his Battlesuit short of the comms unit which had been removed from the helmet.

“Sounds like Ui’Mot’R got through, he’s located the primary objective and we’re to meet up with the cadre there. We lost the others though. You don’t want to see what they did to Ui’Tu.”

Ui’Rmy helped his Shas’Vre to his feet and the two gingerly helped each other through the now quiet city night. Despite all else the mission had been successful, but it certainly didn’t feel like it. <Sigh> “For the Tau’Va”.

Well that could have gone worse I suppose, but it could have gone a lot better too.

The mission type was probably my downfall really, Tau shouldn’t be getting close to power weapon wielding Space Marines with Jump Packs in normal circumstances but I had to run straight through them.

The final result was; Chaos – 3 (1VP for Slay the Leader, one for Break the Enemy, and the final one for killing at least three of my stealthsuits), Tau – 1 (1VP for the one Shas’Ui who made it across the board).

Kill Team is fun, creating lists for it is also fun. I’ve run this particular kill team before in a mini-campaign and I won that, sadly it’s built more for slow-moving enemies with not much in the way of armour (I’ve annihilated an entire Imperial Guard platoon with this setup). As for my specialists, Preferred Enemy is great for putting on those guns with a low number of shots but high damage like the fusion blaster and of course I’ve already mentioned that I love rending burst cannons.

Anyway, onto game two...
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Re: 6th Edition Kill Team - 2 Battles - More Narrative
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2015, 01:36:02 AM »
Meanwhile, on the far side of the city, a Rhino raced through the streets, crashing into parked groundcars and taking chunks out of the corners of buildings. Krassus the (self-titled) Annihilator turned his gaze back to the Astartes-pattern heavy auspex which still displayed signatures of the six objectives. The signals had appeared roughly half an hour ago, raining from the sky to land out in the old Mechanicus quarter.

Surely this must be the start of his unstoppable rise to power, the mighty Daemon Prince Bonecleaver had picked him personally for this important mission, the words “You there, go find out what that is” still echoing in his head. This is it, favour in the eyes of a Daemon Prince, the first step towards ascension himself.

“Faster driver, we must get there faster!” the rest of the marines shared a resigned glance as the Rhino threw Krassus back off the firing step into the APC with a sudden burst of speed and silently thanked their enhanced stature and ancient power armour as it drove straight through three prefab office buildings, bounced off the fallen statue of a saint and then reversed back over it a few times so they could knock a few more details off it. Then, once the nose had come off completely and shattered, they surged onwards.

Game two we decided to roll for the mission. We weren’t even sure it would fit in with the narrative until after the game was completed.

The mission ended up being ‘Supply Drop’ which means that there are six objectives dotted around the map, one of which is the primary objective. Each time an objective is secured we roll a d6, on a 6 it’s the primary objective, if none of the first five are the primary then the sixth automatically is. Non-primary objective markers are all removed, only the primary counts and it provides 3VPs. There are four secondary objectives; Slay the Leader, Break the Enemy, First Blood and Linebreaker (like standard 40k, have at least one unit in your opponent’s deployment zone).

Terrain was set up just by rearranging the boxes and CD cases that were already on the table and in narrative terms the largest box has gone from being a church roof to a Mechanicus warehouse.

This time I’m playing the forces of Chaos and this time they’re up against Necrons.

Both of us agree that old the Necron fluff was the best Necron fluff so, while we’re using the more recent rules, they’ll be little more than metal space zombies in the narrative (as they should be).

Chaos Space Marines

8 Chaos Space Marines - Combi-Bolter, Meltagun, Veterans of the Long War (some of these guys had bolters, others had bolt pistols and chainswords, I can’t remember the numbers, I just used WYSIWYG when it came down to it)
Chaos Rhino – Destroyer Blades, Extra Armour, Additional Combi-Bolter (so it now has two).

- Krassus (Leader), Chasing Promotion (one additional VP if he kills the enemy leader in a challenge)
- (Specialist 1), Rending (Close-combat attacks only)
- (Specialist 2), Rending (Shooting only)
- (Specialist 3), Preferred Enemy (this guy has the meltagun)


5 Destroyers

- (Leader), Unshakable Dedication to Duty (Zealot)
- (Specialist 1), Rending (Shooting only)
- (Specialist 2), Feel No Pain
- (Specialist 3), Scout

I set up with all eight marines in the Rhino next to an objective by the warehouse, the destroyers set up all along the other deployment zone with two starting on objectives and a third scouting onto another objective (so turn one we get to find out the results of 4/6).

I went first.

“Negative? NEGATIVE!? What do you MEAN ‘Negative’?”
“This isn’t what we’re looking for, it’s mundane, inert, ordinary, commonplace, boring”, Krassus nearly shot the auspex man, but given the high tech equipment inside the tank and the proximity to his squad’s meltagun, it might be better not to start a fight right now.
“We’re only 30m from the next signal, and they’re all in the vicinity of this warehouse and the square on the far side”. One day Krassus would have this man killed, one day. <Sigh> “Fine, ON TO THE NEXT ONE!”

The Rhino spun around on the spot and roared off towards the next auspex signature. All of a sudden, one of the signatures flared into life.
“One of them appears to have activated”,

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Krassus was back on the firestep, fewer idiots up here, only one of them would fit. The Rhino shot around the corner, ignoring the inactive lump of material which they had previously been focusing on because sitting in front of them, or rather hovering in front of them, was something else. The bulk of it seemed to be smooth and rounded and Krassus’ first thought was that the Tau had developed some weird new designs but the fact that the front looked like the top half of a skeletal humanoid gave him pause for thought. Not much of a pause though as the Rhino’s twin combi-bolters opened up on the metallic construct, bolt rounds exploding all over it. Krassus, not to be outdone fired with his own combi-bolter and his minion on the step added his own bolter to the fun. But it still stood, well, hovered. And then there were lots of them.

Silently the others had appeared, another to the front, passing between the first one and the Rhino, and then a beam of green light emitted from the roof of the tank, raking the side and releasing the smell of burning ceramite. The first one unleashed a similar beam of light. It didn’t look like it had much of an effect but these things were an unknown quantity and more importantly they were standing (hovering) between him and his inevitable immortality.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

“Forward, Forward! FORWARD!”, Krassus kicked the marine off the fire step and ordered the meltagunner up instead. “Fire at that one!” and because he had to rush up onto the step, he missed, of course he missed, everyone was incompetent.

There were more of them now, five blank skeletal faces illuminated by their glowing light cannons, they had the Rhino completely surrounded and five beams simultaneously struck the transport. Still no damage report from the driver. Hah, these things are all show aren’t they.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

“Ram it, RAM IT!” The driver gleefully responded and the destroyer blades whirred into action. The combi-bolters continue pouring fire into the metal creature and finally it crashed to the floor and was ground beneath the Rhino’s tracks.

The impact threw Krassus back into the passenger compartment and his vacant place was immediately occupied by another marine who fired wildly over the side.
A harsh glare from the meltagun followed swiftly by a cry of victory announced that another metal creature had fallen.

A sudden burst of green light shook the Rhino completely as the skeletons retaliated and the driver’s maniacal laughter died away.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

“Bugger, spin around! You, get out of my way!” Krassus unleashed another hail of combi-bolter fire at the responsible construct but with its unnatural toughness it seemed to simply shrug off the damage.


The melted construct appeared to be flowing, not like normal molten metal, it was flowing upwards, it was flowing back into its original form, its wounds were healing and it floated back into its former position, still no expression on its blank skull, and not once did it, (or any of the others for that matter) make any noise at all.

The area lit up with green, and this time warning lights sparked into life, klaxons started bawling and the emergency evacuation protocols kicked into life. The doors dropped open and the marines piled out, straight into the path of the green light which seemed to very quickly disintegrate the meltagunner, two of the weaklings even dove to the floor to try and protect themselves. Cowards.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

“Forward you Dogs!” dismounted they might be but they were still Astartes, and Krassus would not let them stand between him and daemonhood. Bolter fire opened up on all sides and chainswords revved. Krassus launched himself at the nearest construct which all of a sudden seemed sluggish compared to the enhanced former-human at the peak of his abilities and with the eyes of the gods themselves looking on. Two of them were torn down in a hail of sparks and mini explosions.

But one got up again. It was the same one. The one that shrugged off the meltagun. What were these things? Krassus was under no illusions that they weren’t Tau. They certainly weren’t Imperial either. He’d heard tales of the Men of Iron from the Dark Age of Technology but these were nothing like that, mankind had never had weapons that could ignore power armour and flay a Space Marine to the bone in a matter of instants like this. They were something else. And they still remained silent. Even as two more of his men died screaming.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Krassus and his man kept up the hail of blows upon the metal creature. It was slow, and had failed to do much of anything in hand-to-hand, which suited Krassus just fine.

He could hear more bolter fire around him but was a bit preoccupied to look around and see what anyone else was doing. Evidently there was at least one other still out there and he had no idea how many of his own still stood. But who cares, if they die then it just proves how weak they are.

The marine beside him finally managed to land a perfect backswing with his chainsword and the construct toppled to the ground, decapitated and still.

A quick glance saw one more. It fired at one more marine, turning him into a pile of dust. But before Krassus could mount the final assault, it simply vanished, silent as always. Taking stock of his surroundings, Krassus still had three Marines with him. The Rhino was smoking heavily. The constructs were gone. Not just that last one, all of them, every trace.

But the objective was still there. And it was his, whatever it was. Immortality awaits.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

[This world is occupied by the Tau Empire and you are trespassing upon our sovereign soil]
[During recent conflict between our forces we have captured one of your mightiest generals, an individual we have established to be one Khârn of the World Eaters]
[We also understand that you are currently holding captive one of our own, the great Aun’Vre’Elsy’eir’Ukos]
[We will concede the following terms:]
[1) We will proceed to your current base of operations]
[2) We will exchange our hostage for yours, they will both be unharmed, or if already harmed they will be given medical treatment]
[3) Once the hostages have been exchanged we will commence diplomatic negotiations centring on your ceding this planet to the Tau Empire and either leaving or consenting to join the aforementioned Empire for the Greater Good]
[Peace be with you]

Well that one went much more my way. I’m glad that the final objective didn’t turn out to be on the warehouse roof as my marines would have been forced to disembark from their nice, safe transport and into the path of those AP3 guns.

Final score; I had the objective (3VP), Slay the Leader (1VP), Break the Enemy (1VP) and First Blood (1VP). My opponent had Break the Enemy so overall I won 6-1.

I’ve decided that having all of your guys sitting in a transport vehicle is a nice way to play Kill Team, especially if your opponent lacks anti-tank weapons (and if they don’t lack anti-tank weapons, picking off the offensive model is much easier than when he’s in a squad of 10+).

I hope you all enjoy reading these battle reports, I have great fun writing them.

Any comments or critiques will be greatly appreciated (they can be directed at me or my opponent as I’m giving him the links to these once I upload them).
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Re: 6th Edition Kill Team - 2 Battles - More Narrative
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2015, 02:49:33 AM »
Another great rep Cammerz!
Kill team has always been a wonderful thing to see and I'm liking the snippets of fluff as well!

Looking forward to the next one.

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