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Author Topic: A foray into 8th edition  (Read 459 times)

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A foray into 8th edition
« on: November 14, 2017, 12:13:03 PM »
8th edition WHFB that is, 1000pts Empire vs Daemons of Chaos.

My army is entirely mounted, the warriors of light against the approaching darkness:
  • Luthor Huss, Prophet of Sigmar
  • Battle Wizard (Lore of Light - Shem's Burning Gaze) w. Barded Warhorse and Shrieking Sword
  • 9x Empire Knights w. Full Command (joined by Luthor)
  • 10x Empire Knights w. Full Command
  • 5x Pistoliers w. Musician
  • 3x Demigryph Knights w. Halberds

My opponent opted for Daemons of Khorne:
  • Skulltaker
  • 20x Bloodletters w. Full Command (joined by Skulltaker)
  • 20x Bloodletters w. Full Command
  • 8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne
(Looking over the army lists he was actually 60pts over the limit, that's probably an automatic driving ban).

We rolled for a pitched battle and randomly generated terrain which granted us lots of buildings (five if I recall correctly) plus a few mystical monuments that didn't come into play and a river that bisected the table from the centre of one deployment zone to the centre of the other.

Alternating deployment saw him place one unit of Bloodletters on the eastern side of the river with the rest of his army (including Skulltaker) on the western side. I set up entirely on the eastern side with my Demigryphs closest to the river. Vanguard deployment saw my pistoliers move forwards but a building ensured that the Bloodletters were out of sight.

The Daemons went first, the Reign of Chaos ebbing his ward saves down to 6+. All of his models marched forwards but he could do nothing else.
I positioned my Knights in order to attempt multiple charges against his 'letters on turn two. In the magic phase Luthor successfully cast Hammer of Sigmar on his Knights and the Battle Wizard cast Shem's Burning Gaze at the higher casting value which killed the entire back row of the Bloodletter unit (down to 15). Sadly the hard cover between the Daemons and Pistoliers meant that none of my shooting attacks hit anything.

On turn two the eastern Bloodletters successfully charged the Pistoliers who again failed to hit anything with their stand and shoot. The Daemons wiped them out in a single phase and then used their free reform to face the nearest Knight unit (who fortunately passed their panic test). In that magic phase the Reign of Chaos fell to Nurgle who killed my wizard (the swine).

On my turn the two Knight units attempted to charge the Bloodletters but sadly only the closest managed to get in, (leaving Luthor out of action for another round at least). Charging with lances is fun and 1+ armour saves are even more fun so I won combat and four further Daemons perished due to instability.

Turn three saw his Flesh Hounds get bored and charge the Demigryph Knights across the river (which sadly turned out to be just an ordinary river). Tzeentch took over the Reign of Chaos and killed one of Luthor's Knights. The Bloodletter-Knight combat saw me win again andf a combination of swords, horses hooves and instability brought the servants of Khorne down to two. The Flesh Hounds brought down a single Demigryph Knight whilst the other two killed three Hounds in return, this would be a drawn combat but for the fact that he charged. I failed the break test and the Hounds destroyed my elite Inner Circle.

Luthor finally charged into combat and the two units of Knights made very short work of the Bloodletters before reforming to face the river.

The Flesh Hounds retreated into the river where Slaanesh took control of the Reigns and drowned them all.
Skulltaker and his unit have slowly been winding their way towards the river over the last few turns.

Everyone approaches the river on turn five and Khorne finally takes his turn at the Reigns, killing a Knight from Luthor's unit (so each God has now had a turn, Nurgle and Slaanesh having the most impact), on turn six Skulltaker charges Luthor Huss (it was hit-or-miss whether he was in range but we thought it'd be more fun if he succeeded). Luthor Huss harnessed the power of Sigmar, boosting his Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness and Attacks by two for the phase, although sadly my unit failed the fear check and was striking at WS1. Skulltaker challenged and Luthor Huss accepted. Luthor's 4+ ward save protected him from Skulltaker's attacks and he dealt one wound in return with an almighty blow from his hammer. The Knights and Bloodletters dealt some damage to each other and the combat was drawn.

On the final turn of the game my other unit of Knights entered the river to face the Bloodletters (a rather pointless endeavour as they would be unable to engage the Daemons before the end of the game). Skulltaker challenged again and Luthor accepted but sadly he was felled by a Killing Blow and the Knights lost the combat, breaking and being caught by the pursuing Bloodletters.

Game Over

Empire - 550 (Bloodletters + Flesh Hounds + 1 Seized Standard)
Daemons - 875 (Luthor + Knights + Wizard + Demigryphs + Pistoliers + Slain General + 1 Seized Standard)

"In order to win you must wipe the opposing army out completely, or score at least twice as many victory points as your opponent - any other result is a draw." - Core rulebook p.143
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Re: A foray into 8th edition
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2017, 05:54:40 PM »
Reading this brought back memories of my Empire being thrashed by Chaos Daemons during sixth and seventh edition (I never played eighth).  I'm glad that your game was much closer.  Mysterious terrain irritates me more it does anything else, but I'm glad that it didn't seem to bother you.  Other than that, it was enjoyable to read a battle report from Fantasy involving ranks again, so thank you for posting this :).
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