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Author Topic: Orks vs Craftworld Eldar in "Between Two Worlds" (1500, 11/18)  (Read 18 times)

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Orks vs Craftworld Eldar in "Between Two Worlds" (1500, 11/18)
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:52:29 pm »
Orks vs Craftworld Eldar in "Between Two Worlds" (1500)

Hi All,
Orks are back!
And in this game, I was actually tracked down for a game by a mate who has been running an Eldar list.  He tells me that he's been trying to optomize it, and wants to see how it runs against the Orks.  As we've had (as I'm sure readers can tell) a pretty heavy Knight meta, his list has been geared to deal with them and chaff.

But, Orks...  Orks are something different.

I told him that the Orks are pretty tough with their new Codex, but he's up for seeing what they can do.

When he brings out his list, I can see why it's pretty nasty.

Double Reaper, double Hemlock, Big Guardian block.

Pretty nasty... but no assault elements.

And I do have my newish list with now NO mech, but a BIG Stormboy horde.
I haven't used Stormboyz in a very long time, but I'm eager to see how they do against Eldar.

So, how did the Orks do?  Did they run wild or just get shot up (or both)?

Read.  On.


P.S. Fluff is of course included, but Comments/Critiques are greatly appreciated!


The Lists

Orks (1500); 155 Infantry; 13 CPs
Evil Suns
-Warboss w/Warbike, PK, Attack Squig
-Big Mek w/Warbike, KFF
-Boyzx30 w/Shootas, Tankbusta Bombsx3, Nob w/Big Choppa
-Boyzx30 w/Shootas, Tankbusta Bombsx3, Nob w/Big Choppa
-Stormboyzx30, Nob w/PK
Bad Moons
Warlord: Grumgutz: Brutal but Cunnin' (re-roll hits, +1D on charge)
Relic: Grumgutz: Killa Klaw
Pre-game Strats: Warphead (Lorilune)
Psychic Powers: Lorilune (Da Jump, Warpath), Weirdboy (Da Fists of Gork)

Alatoic Battalion 1500: 42 Infantry, 4 Vehicles; 8CPs
Farseer w/Singing Spear
Guardiansx20 w/Heavy Weapon Platform w/SCannon
Dark Reapersx5
Dark Reapersx5
Wave Serpent w/Twin SCannon, SCannon
Wave Serpent w/Twin SCannon, SCannon
Hemlock Wraithfighter
Hemlock Wraithfighter
Warlord: Farseer: Puritanical Leader (6" auto-pass morale)
Relic: Farseer: Shiftshroud (-1 to hit in shooting)
Psychic Powers: Hemlocks (Jinx/Protect), Warlock (Conceal/Reveal), Farseer (Guide, Doom)

Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: Deadlock (6 obj at start, Strats double cost turn 3+)


Chapter Three: It's Hard Being Green

The skeins of fate are strange indeed.

Farseer Dunkas consulted his runes again, but there was no doubt.  His daughter, Farseer Lorilune of the Saim-Hann, had her fate intertwined with... Orks of all things.  The details were sketchy, and nebulous to the point where Dunkas considered that outside forces might be in play.  But, who would want Lori to be in such a predicament?  Her own Craftworld had disowned her, and even his puritanical heart threatened to cast her aside as well.  But, he had promised his former-wife, Autarch Lennara, that he would aid in her search to find their missing daughter.  They had split up to better track down leads, and it took some time before Dunkas was able to isolate the particular strain of Ork. 

The creature known as Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber had created a massive assault on Imperial space and was crushing everything in its way.  The tactical acumen of the attacks were clearly more than the simple-minded brute force that the Orks were known to usually apply, and it was thus that Dunkas considered an odious possibility:  His daughter might be more than just a simple captive.  She might be forced to use her Aeldari abilities to aid the Greenskins.  The mere thought made Dunkas' insides turn as the thought of the creatures forcing Lorilune to pervert the powers of the Eldar was beyond sacrilege.

Waiting carefully for his moment to strike, the Farseer of the Alatoic homeworld readied his forces in the Webway.  Soon his daughter would be freed and the monster slain.  All, of course, for the good of the Eldar race.  And it would finally get Lennara off his back.


Ex-Farseer Lorilune sighed, watching the last of the Orks load up the vast machinery into the Killkroozas.  The Orks had ransacked Deneb IV, tearing apart every bit that the Greenskins thought they could use and throwing it into heaps aboard their hastily made craft.  Lorilune wrinkled her nose as she saw the barely held-together outlines of the enormous ships.  From all the ruins and wreckage, the Orks had cobbled together an armada in record time.  And only a third or so of them had caught fire on the launching pad.  So, for the Orks, it was a massive success.

Lorilune sighed, looking up at the endless sky.  War.  So much war.  The Orks never seemed to grow tired of the endless conflict, but for her, the entire affair was becoming rather tedious.  With overwhelming numbers and firepower, the remains of the Mon-Keigh PDF were barely more than an annoyance.  A waste of time for a Horde that needed something meaningful to fight.

It was at this point that she heard a roaring of engines and saw the unmistakable form of the enormous Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber jumping over a pile of rubble with his Big Mek Wingnut in tow.  The huge Ork landed amongst the assembled group of Boyz, knocking a few aside as the Warbike-driven Warlord landed with a meteoric impact.  A few moments later, Wingnut skidded to a halt, trying to stay out of the way.

Lorilune sighed.  Why was Grumgutz here personally?  wasn't her day arduous even as it was?

"Dare I ask what this is all about?" asked the Ex-Farseer, leaning on her staff, her frazzled looking crimson locks tossled about.

"I gots a feelin', Louie," said Grumgutz, "Dat somefin' sneaky is goin' on."

"Really now," said Lorilune, not bothering to hide her sarcasm, "A feeling?  I thought you were above petty superstitions."

"Dat and we got a lotta Boyz wif no head anymore," added Wingnut helpfully, "Done look like Panzee Dakka."  The Big Mek looked around sheepishly, as if imagining snipers around every corner.

Lorilune raised a concerned eyebrow, "Eldar weaponry?  Are you certain?"

"Dat's why we's here, Louie," said Grumgutz with a a smirk.  The enormous Ork held up a shard of metal and Lorilune took a sharp intake of breath as recognition hit.
That was from a Ranger's Long Rifle.  The Aeldari were indeed here.  But, why?  What could they...

A sudden bolt of thought hit Lorilune as she remembered the ominous words of her mother not that long ago.  Assassins.  They were after her for disgracing the Craftworld.

"Grumgutz," said Lorilune, drawing in closer and looking around, "We're in terrible danger.  We have to..."

Grumgutz chuckled, "We'z not in any danger, Louie, don't you worry.  I know how dem Panzees think.  Dey been watchin' us fer a while now.  Waitin' til we'z about to leave."

Lorilune frowned and said, "But, why are you here?  By putting all three of us together you've almost guaranteed that..."

A flash of insight hit Lorilune and she swore as she felt the jaws of a trap snapping shut.  She glanced around.  All of their heavy weapons were already broken down and loaded up.  There were Orks around, certainly, but not enough to stop an incursion.  How could she have left her guard down so easily?

Then, there was a massive roar and Lorilune glanced over to see a huge mob of strangely dressed Orks roaring up, the leader dressed with a strange, almost precisely cut uniform, laden with medals of various kinds.  All of the Orks had a crudely made rocket strapped to their backs and were jumping forward with something resembling organization.  The group then stopped with almost tactical precision (only a sixth or so tumbling head over heels to a stop), and the lead Ork saluted to Grumgutz, who just nodded.

"Brother-Captain-Primaris-Sergeant Skarbutz reportin' for duty, sir!"

The Nob snapped his heel down and the other Orks did the same.  Lorilune glanced around and saw the other Orks shaking their head at this certainly un-Orky display of discipline.

"Good, good," said Grumgutz, scratching his jaw.  "We got Panzees out dere, Skarbutz.  Dey's fast.  You'z fast.  You fink you can give 'em a good fight?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" barked Skarbutz, saluting again, this time with the other hand for good measure.  "We'z been re-outfitted special wiv RED rockets.  If we can't catch dem, nobody can."

Grumgutz and the other Orks nodded.  Red ones go fasta, everyone knew that.  And then the silence was broken by Lorilune, who interjected, "Are you serious that your... rocket packs are going to be adequate enough to intercept the majesty of an Aeldari Warhost?"

Skarbutz shot a look over and said, "Begging your pardon, Warlord.  If dere be a question as to who'z faster, my ladz and me would be ready for any such race."

Lorilune rolled her eyes and said, "I'm certain that you lot are fast enough to throw your lives away in a Shuriken Cannon barrage.  Now, what we actually need is..."

A sudden flare of light cut Lorilune off as the familiar glow of a massive Webway Portal appeared, a duo of Wave Serpents appearing like streaks of barely visible light, cutting behind a building while the harrowing whine of a pair of Hemlocks raced overhead, knocking a Krooza casually from the sky.

Lorilune swore as the Orks cheered.  The idiots had no idea what the Eldar were capable of.  Blood would flow this day.  She only hoped that by Khaine's grace it wasn't going to be hers.

Pre-Game Thoughts/Setup:
Well, I think I have a lot of Boyz.  I've always wanted to try an infantry heavy list, and with just having three big blobs, I think I should manage board control.
My opponent has a lot of anti-tank and I have... no tank, so hopefully the Hemlocks and Dark Reapers won't be able to do much, but we shall see...

As for deployment, the objectives go down somewhat evenly, with one in the center three in one deployment zone and then two in the opposite.  My opponent starts deploying first and takes the one with the the markers.  He puts the Wave Serpents in front, while I drop the majority of my infantry blobs in the center opposite.  Hemlocks go to his flanks and Rangers in the others as I put Grots in the front of a big Green line and the characters sprinkled in the middle.  I'm... almost out of board space.  That's... kind of scary.

As for lines of fire, we have two decently big LoS blockers in the middle with scattered ruins around, so there can be some Eldar shenanigans, we'll just have to see...
And my opponent wins the first turn handily (not even needing his +1!) and elects to go first.  I fail to seize and the game is on!

Picture Caption: You know, I may have JUST enough Orks... no wait, there's space on the left out there.


To Be Continued!
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Re: Orks vs Craftworld Eldar in "Between Two Worlds" (1500, 11/18)
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2018, 08:57:02 am »
This should be fun, and I look forward to seeing how you win  ;)

I can't see the picture though. Is it the forum or the website you uploaded the picture to, or something on my end?

EDIT: never mind, I can see it now
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Re: Orks vs Craftworld Eldar in "Between Two Worlds" (1500, 11/18)
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2018, 12:14:09 pm »
I genuinely laughted aloud reading the start there, several times. I truly have missed Grumgutz and Lorilune together, and the addition of Brother-Captain-Primaris-Sergeant Skarbutz can only be a great thing.

I truly am looking forward to this battle.

As a side note, I couldn't see the picture either until I started crafting this reply, then it appeared in the topic summary below. EDIT: And now I can see it all the time.