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Author Topic: Isle of Carandia (RPG)  (Read 1790 times)

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Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
« Reply #30 on: January 30, 2019, 07:22:06 am »
Ben continued snoring, content in the knowledge that he'd be woken if needed. Whether by his new comrades or by an explosion, he did not know.

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Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
« Reply #31 on: February 10, 2019, 10:26:29 pm »
Hlaine looked round in amazement as his new-found colleagues slumped beside him. He had hoped things wouldn't get messy, or at least not so quickly. Ah well, so much for hope he sighed, and took aim.
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Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
« Reply #32 on: Yesterday at 11:12:14 pm »
As Nyx slumps to the ground, a myoclonic jerk snaps her back to focus. Nyx blinked awake and immediately took in the scene, two targets, at least one of them just enchanted her. She whipped her wand out of an inner pocket, the wood looked blackened as if it had been rescued from a fire and was warm to the touch. She couldn't speak Infernal beyond a few words and even then she didn't know what they meant, but one of the words was at her lips at that moment. The utterance broke her cover immediately, seeming unnaturally loud and somehow wrong, but matched with the practiced flourish of the wand it conjured a bolt of black, roiling energy which shot towards the nearest foe. To Nyx, the world stood still as an impotent puff of purple sparkly smoke erupted from the wand's tip.

The Cart Driver glimpsed at their associate in surprise that their normal tactic had not work, regaining composure and grabbing a small simply scepter from their belt, swinging forward with a glob of archanic acidic. As the Driver finished the swing of his spell, the glob popped like a bubble harmlessly. The other had readied their own focus, but met with similar failure.

Hlaine rounded the cover of barrels, notched an arrow against the drawstring, and loosed. The arrow whistled swiftly, missing all but the timber frame of the inn at the entrance to the alley.

Aela's eyes had barely closed before she had shaken off the pathetic enchantment. She cursed in elvish under her breath that the alcohol had had any affect on her. The window was already open, she grabbed the side of the frame and jumped down into the alley, gracefully unsheathing her rapier mid-fall. The horse was right in front of her as she hit the cobblestone, landing half-kneeling and sword to her side. She yelped as pain quickly shot up her leg she had landed flat-footed on, her free hand flinching briefly to hold her shin. She quickly composed herself and stood up weapon ready before her.

Obsidian had already had her weapon ready, but chose instead of violence to try and scare the goons into submission. She dwarvishly leaped forward into the alley from the in door, ending up to the side of the horse. In the heat of the moment, all she could think to try was to let out a chilling war cry. She had taken a mighty breathe beforehand and her voice carried force as it swept up the alley to the road. The goons scrambled for a moment, a glance passing between their hooded faces. It looked as if they were about to surrender.

They dismounted the cart, and ran the opposite direction from the group. Hlaine shoot with arrows and Nyx with magic. The Cart Driver is struck in the back by Nyx's first volley, crumpling to the floor, his associate unscathed.

Obsidian's mighty roar had caused a racket, rousing Ben from his slumber. He grabbed what he needed and had raced through the Inn, arriving to the alleyway door just as the goon left the alley. Aela and Obsidian had ran to catch up with the escaping goons, and were now level with the wounded one, Obsidian spotted a dagger in their hands, and swiftly kicked it away.

"You don't look like any deliverymen I've met" Obsidian growls to the goon on the ground.

The smell of death begins to fill the alley.

Nyx: HP 10/10
Benjamin: HP 10/10
Aela: HP 9/10 (Don't jump out windows XD)
Obsidian: HP 14/14
Hlaine: HP 12/12
Goon 1: HP 1/8 knocked to the ground prone.
Goon 2: HP 8/8 escaped, still in the city.
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