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Author Topic: Isle of Carandia (RPG)  (Read 13500 times)

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Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
« Reply #105 on: February 09, 2020, 03:29:32 pm »
Ben groaned inwardly, but nonetheless decided to follow Nyx. Best not to let her go alone, he reasoned, not if there could be danger. And if not, maybe he could finally get some sleep.

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Re: Isle of Carandia (RPG)
« Reply #106 on: February 23, 2020, 10:04:59 pm »
Aela and Raven dragged the comatose warlock to the side of the road so that those that were fighting fires weren't impeded, while Nyx and Ben made their way to the front entrance of the church in the middle of the town. She noticed the Cleric was muttering under his breath the entire walk.

"Hey you don't seem to be to fond of the Church." Nyx piped up after a horse and cart carrying water passed them. "Aren't you part of the same religion?"

"All I'm willing to say right now is that I have a slight difference of opinion with the Church of Karuma." The bruised and bashed acolyte responded.

With the commotion of the fires, the tall and heavy doors of the church had already been opened. It was quickly apparent that despite its size, the establishment had only a handful of Vergers who were loudly directing each other to parts of the town that needed healers. A tall thin human man all in black vestments finished blessing the last of the clerics, and began to turn to the door before impulsively turning to Nyx and Ben.

"My children, are you in need of aid?" His face had the hallmarks of a long lived and devout clergyman, his voice soft but deep. "If you're the ones who dealt with these aberrations then you have my thanks on behalf of the church and the people of this town." With that he bows down respectfully as Nyx and Ben come up to him.

"That be us, and we have the warlock who was controlling them." Nyx took the lead on the discourse. "My friends and I could do with a roof to rest under and thick walls to secure our detainee." She thumbs in the direction of the captured warlock and her other party members. The priest follows her gesture and nods.

"Exceptional." He seemed a little surprised the Warlock was captured. "I'm not sure if we have a secure place for him to be kept, but I shall certainly grant you use of the grounds and main hall. I think it fair to say please don't cause any damage to the furnishings?" Ben was holding his holy symbol, and eye'd the priest.

"What god does this church dedicate itself to?" He felt compelled to ask.

"We are but a small town, so this church has altars for each of the three." The priest bows to Ben briefly. "Karuma sits in the middle, while Grenator and Silvachur are on either side. Balanced as it should be."

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