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Author Topic: Orks vs Tau Tidbits  (Read 60 times)

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Orks vs Tau Tidbits
« on: December 23, 2018, 04:21:54 pm »
Hi All,
Wasn't sure how to write this, but I've had now three games vs Tau, all of which have been... less than optimal for a write-up.

The first two were pre-CA 2018 in which well, I employed the Loota-star.

The Loota star is a big ball of Mobbed Up Lootas that use MORE DAKKA and Showin' Off to shoot twice and have exploding 5's and 6's.  My opponent and I were surprised when I rinsed a Riptide even though it had drone support.

Thinking that it was a one-off, we played again, and sure enough, the Lootas took apart another Riptide.

My last game was the new Fortnite style mission in which there's a 18" scoring zone that becomes smaller each turn.
It was post-CA so he had more units (Drones) and again, the Lootas just tore the Riptides apart and then the Boyz did their work pretty solidly.

So why no write-ups?

My opponent tapped out turn 2/3 on all of the games.
Can't do much when it's that one-sided.  We're looking into maybe getting some more varied terrain and trying anonther mission, but I'm a bit concerned that the Ork shooty list is a bit too rough at this point, especially for a take-all comers style of Tau list that my opponent seems to like sporting.

So... that's what's been going on.  When the battle kind of evens itself out more, I'll do a write-up, but I may switch armies if the greenskins are too dominant?  Unless you all don't mind the short and brutal kind of gameplay..

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