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Author Topic: Fire, Blood & Heresy  (Read 235 times)

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Fire, Blood & Heresy
« on: May 21, 2019, 12:29:43 pm »
Well my Alpha Legion seemed to go down well so I thought I might post a few more models I've been working on. I've put them in a seperate post so I can keep the Alpha Legion uncorrupted by the, quite frankly excessive, heresy on display here.

Below you will bear witness to the command structure of my Host of the 17th Legion, the Word Bearers.

I will eventually get my core troops painted up but for now we've just got a few characters and small units.
This is my first extensive use of edge highlighting and it does make a big difference which eventually makes up for the time it takes to apply. I've also had fun with the basing, Agrellan Earth coated over Blood for the Blood God so it looks like the ground itself is bleeding beneath the sheer evil at play here.

For the uniniated, the leader of a Word Bearers Host is the Dark Apostle so he is, of course, my army's warlord.
I was very happy when I saw the new plastic kit but I was a bit disappointed by the head that came with it so I found a suitably imposing replacement from the Fantasy Chaos Lord;

Much like my Alpha Legion, I have had a lot of fun with the Forge World transfers.

The second-in-command of the Host is the Dark Apostle's First Acolyte, the Apprentice to his Sith Lord.
In-game he represents an Exalted Champion with the Murder Sword.
I wanted the Murder sword to be big and imposing so I stole a Nemesis Force Sword from the Grey Knights, the storm bolter being replaced with a standard CSM bolt pistol. The torso and legs are Dark Angels (whom memes have informed me are heretics anyway), the head is from the Fantasy Warriors of Chaos box, the right shoulder pad (from his perspective) is from the possessed kit whilst the left is a metal Word Bearers shoulder pad (a relic of a by-gone age, GW don't make those anymore). The backpack is the oldest component, from a very old, metal Noise Marine.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Facebook asked if I wanted to tag him, recognising what it thought was a genuine face.

While the Dark Apostle and First Acolyte are busy communing with the Chaos Gods, the day-to-day running of the Host from a military perspective is left to the Coryphaus who makes most of the tactical decisions on the battlefield.

This is one of my older models, mostly constructed from the metal 'Terminator Lord 2' who was released for the Fall of Medusa V campaign back in 2006. The trophy racks are from the old, metal Abbadon. The icon above his head is from an old, metal Sorcerer with Force Staff and the Word Bearers plaque just below it came with the metal Word Bearers shoulder pads. His melee weapon represents The Black Mace and is constructed from the bottom of an Ogre Kingdoms banner pole with two chaos symbols from a chaos vehicle sprue. The flaming brazier comes from an Inquisitorial acolyte of some form.

Those three are what I call my Chaos Triumvirate but I have other Word Bearers officers to display,

My Sorcerer is almost entirely constructed from Fantasy models, only the holster on his thigh and his backpack are 40k. The backpack is a converted Grey Knights teleporter. The majority of this chap is a standard Fantasy Sorcerer and his flaming skull comes from the Empire Battle Wizard kit. If you look closely you can see the hand that was holding it on the back of his head;

What would a Word Bearers Host be without a specialist Daemon summoning guy? Enter the Diabolist (or Master of Possession as other Legions might call him). One of my few unconverted models.

Dark Apostles are great, but made even better when accompanied by a pair of Dark Disciples to ensure his prayers are heard. I decided to keep the flames and smoke blueish to match the big guy;

While I intend to have many Possessed in my army eventually, I've started with the Greater Possessed, my favourite of the two from Shadowspear;

And the last Word Bearers models I have painted up to this standard (for now), my Obliterator pair who are very good this edition as I have discovered on a couple of occasions.
With more yellow plasma, like their brothers from the 20th;

And we'll finish the post with a nice family photo;

To be continued...

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Re: Fire, Blood & Heresy
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2019, 04:45:29 pm »
Unholy Cow, those are more gorgeous Chaos Marines!!

I especially love the bones you've painted. Fantastic!
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Re: Fire, Blood & Heresy
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2019, 06:31:31 pm »
Agreed, those are incredible. Have they had any success on the battlefield, or are you more of a painter and modeller?

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Re: Fire, Blood & Heresy
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2019, 12:22:44 am »
Agreed, those are incredible. Have they had any success on the battlefield, or are you more of a painter and modeller?

Mixed results, I used most of them in my last battle, a 2v2 team match where I used a deathstar unit of: Dark Apostle, Dark Disciples, Master of Possession, Greater Possessed and 5x Possessed with the occasional casting of Prescience from the Sorcerer. They got spread a little too thin so I couldn't make use of all of the buffs at the same time and we ran out of time so my teammate and I found that we weren't holding any of the objectives when the game was called.

I definitely wouldn't call myself a painter given the amount of grey plastic on my shelves. Every now and again I go through a phase where I can just sit down and get things done.