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Author Topic: First Experience of Age of Sigmar since its Initial Release.  (Read 62 times)

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So today I finally had a proper taste of Age of Sigmar from another experienced player.

The skirmish was between my valiant (though technically not legal) Dwarf Gunline, vs an intense Khorne Warband.

The major differences I had to wrap my mind around were the slightly different/new turn structure, and the unit/weapon statlines for combat rolls. Not needing to consult half a dozen tables to figure out how screwed you are in a fight was pleasant to say the least. The biggest difference in my experience was how the Cannon worked.

Consistent rolls really did make the game flow a bit faster. The risky initiative at the start of each game turn making your choices the turn before more important.

If you haven't played recently I'd recommend playing even just to try the new system.
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