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Author Topic: WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. Ultramarines in "Green vs. Blue!: A 6th Ed Story" (1500pts)  (Read 8385 times)

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Well I had intended to wait for my reply to reappear but as that may be some time I'll leave you with the highlights;

It was a fantastic report,

I really enjoyed the Princess Sara character,

Maxi really got what was coming to him,

Looking in the Rulebook I'd say that the automated turret does not sacrifice a victory point when destroyed because it is actually an add-on for the Aegis Defence Line (which wasn't destroyed), and because several fortifications (including the defence lines) cannot actually be destroyed anyway.

And then I ended with the usual;

Job's a good un!

Hi Cammerz,
Thanks for the reply.  Sorry for being a bit pushy, but I wasn't sure when the replies are coming back (hopefully soonish?)  In any case, thanks for all your kind words on the rep, and I'm glad the fluff was on par :)
And since Sha'Shera (Princess Sara) is being so popular, I'll keep her around definitely :)

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