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Author Topic: WAARGH(s)! Grumgutz vs. Grimskar in "Da Big, Da Bad, and Da Green" (1500, 8/19))  (Read 4803 times)

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Not sure if you've noticed BT, but the new FAQs have rather changed Da Big Five, they no longer count as characters and when they do 'Look Out Sir' for Grumgutz, only the closest biker can try to take the wound.

My topic on the matter if you're interested;,686.msg13356.html#msg13356

Sorry to break this news to you, so what does it mean for your army? Are Da Big Five staying put or might you drop them out for something else?

Hi Cammerz,
I think I'll still keep the Big Five.  All it means is that Grumgutz has to go out in front (as is propa!) and I'll have to put some weedy guys next to the Boss for the first couple of volleys.  As the big boogeymen of 5th edition have gone away (paladins, purifiers), I think we'll be seeing more variety on the field.  I must admit that I'll miss the precision shots, but what can ya do?  :)

I've been pondering the same, and I've actually been considering the use of Reavers as Flyer defense.
They're fast enough to get around behind Flyers and if there's nothing on the board Turn 1, they can easily fly into the corners to be safe from the majority of retaliation while sporting a 3+ cover save (2+ if they gain Stealth (Ruins)).  Also, if there's just say a single Necron Overlord hiding out, they can easily snipe him down with mass blasters/heatlances.
The next thing I want to try out DE-wise is a unit of Reavers with Jetbike Seer with the "improved" Guide from the Divination psychic powers.  That should land a hit and give a good chance of taking down a Flyer.
It is somewhat sad that the Orks are so much better in Anti-Air than Eldar at the moment...

Fair enough. I am also using reavers a lot more as well, but never considered them as anti-air in that capacity. My Reavers tend to not kill anything, but at the same time are also one of my most sure-fire way of getting Linebreaker. Oh, and also slicing things along the way.

Hi Crisis,
Also agreed, same tool different use.  I've found my squad of Reavers to be useful in basically every game I've played with them (not too many, but still) and I think I'll be keeping them zooming around with my Farseer as a mobile buff/debuff unit.  Plus, bladevaning is just SO addictive after a while.

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