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Author Topic: Deathwatch - The Dread Hulk [Librarius]  (Read 1946 times)

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Deathwatch - The Dread Hulk [Librarius]
« on: October 06, 2012, 01:06:40 pm »
Xenolexicon - Hostiles of the Hulk:

There is no way to be sure what foes lurk within the Hulk. However, the Inquisition has, for your convenience, sought to compile a database of probable foes. Most of you will already be familiar with all these threats and more, but complacency leads to defeat; remind yourselves often of the capabilities of the foe, so as to better grant them their well-earned deaths.

Scribe's note: Data within this file is not guaranteed 100% accurate. It is, at best, an approximation based on previous combat encounters. Enemies may prove stronger, weaker or otherwise more varied than depicted here. Use this information for 'best guess' situations only.


Ork Boy:
Toughness: 4.
Wounds: 1.
Ork "Boyz" are the mainstay of any Ork horde. They are typically subdivided into "Shoota Boyz" (armed with crude ranged weapons) and "Slugga Boyz" armed with pistols and combat weapons.
An individual Ork Boy, though dangerous, is no match for a Space Marine. Alas, they rarely come alone... you are advised to employ choke points and similar tactics to deny the enemy any advantage their numbers may provide.

Some Boys are further subdivided into 'cults' within the Ork horde, such as "Burna Boys" who favour flame weapons, or "Stormboys" who use unstable and crude jump packs. For all intents and purposes, however, these are still common Ork Boys - they die just as quickly, only their specialist weapons make them any more dangerous.

'Ard Boy:
Toughness: 5.
Wounds: 1.
An 'Ard Boy is an Ork who has acquired superior personal protection. His crude, but surprisingly effective body armour allows him to shrug off all but the mightiest of attacks. Fortunately, the righteous power of the Boltgun is still sufficient for dispatching such a foe. 'Ard Boyz may be armed with a variety of weapons, though most favour close combat.

Toughness: 4.
Wounds: 3.
Skarboyz are veterans of countless battles. Typically equipped for hand to hand combat, a Skarboy can prove a difficult foe to dispatch. Their thick hides and sheer bloody-mindedness have been the death of many Imperial servants. Do not let yourself be added to their list of victories.

Flash Gitz:
Toughness: 5.
Wounds: 3.
The wealthiest of Orks are known as Flash Gitz. These Orks are equipped with the best weapons and armour Ork money (their teeth, of all things) can buy. They are often large, comparable to Skarboyz in size and temperament, but they favour ranged warfare. Their guns are an eclectic mix of weapon types, but they are all shockingly deadly. Engage and destroy as a priority.

Ork Nob:
Toughness: 5.
Wounds: 6.
Ork Nobs are amongst the largest of Orks. They stand head and shoulders above their lesser kin, and some are taller even than a Space Marine despite their Neanderthal's slouch. Though all Nobs differ in size, intellect and armament, they are united by two common factors; their resilience to harm, and their phenomenal killing power. Be warned, Astartes; a Nob is easily a match for a Space Marine in single combat. Endeavour not to engage them in such a bout - their weakness is in ranged warfare.

Ork Warboss:
Toughness: 6.
Wounds: 24.
The towering beasts known as Ork Warbosses are the leaders of the Ork tribes, and earn their position by killing all who oppose them. They are massive slabs of muscle, resembling some unholy amalgamation of Ork and Ogryn. Ork Warbosses are extremely dangerous, particularly because they often wield some of the most powerful weapons an Ork can possess. Termination of any Ork Warboss located is essential to ultimate victory, but do not for a moment underestimate their power...
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