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Author Topic: Deathwatch - The Dread Hulk [Game thread]  (Read 18172 times)

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Re: Deathwatch - The Dread Hulk [Game thread]
« Reply #60 on: October 18, 2012, 01:16:10 pm »
"My thanks brothers Gideon and Samuel. We should begin to make our way there, the path will not be easy."

The Techmarine switched out the drum on his boltgun for a magazine of Kraken Penetrator rounds. Facing tougher opponants would require better ammo. A quick check of his flamer and plasma cutter showed that no damage had been sustained in the recent action and that ammo was plentiful.

"This way my brothers." And he moved off towards the gun batteries.
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Re: Deathwatch - The Dread Hulk [Game thread]
« Reply #61 on: October 18, 2012, 01:27:41 pm »
The interior of the Ork ship was a mish-mash of building styles on a theme of "weld, bolt and rivet together whatever is on hand." The main corridor from the storage chamber was wide enough that three Astartes could walk down it with room to spare, but some of the side passages would force single-file movement. There were rooms either side of them, some filled with the complex and incomprehensible creations of Ork Mekaniacs, others left empty, either as storage space or simply formed accidentally from ad-hoc construction.

A passing study by the Space Marines confirmed one key asset - the structures were fragile. The supporting struts would take considerable time and effort to bring down, and even then it would require specialist cutting tools, but most of the interior walls were just sheet metal, chain mesh or even flakboard. A strong and determined individual could travel through a large area of the ship's interior simply by knocking the walls down as they went. The exception to this rule seemed to be in the bulkheads, which were placed at hundred metre intervals and would be strong enough to survive anything the Astartes had on hand.

Through the augmented vox system of Brother Connolly, the support ship outside was able to provide valuable tactical information. Primary gundecks lay three decks down and a hundred metres starboard. The launch bays were two hundred metres ahead on their current deck.

As to the Orks... they were apparently everywhere. The first contacts were already pouring out of side rooms, or else pouring in from all decks via the access ladders and cargo lifts at the next bulkhead a hundred metres aft of the Deathwatch. Auspex returns were coming back full of contacts - possibly a hundred or more within sensor range alone, including enemies to their rear...
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Re: Deathwatch - The Dread Hulk [Game thread]
« Reply #62 on: October 21, 2012, 10:42:36 am »
"Our plan was to take out the gun bays first; the launch bays are nearer but I think we should stick to the plan. Anyone know the quickest way down there?"