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Author Topic: Game of Princes [Game of Thrones Style RPG in the Border Princes]: Feeler Thread  (Read 2183 times)

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So, Aun and I are thinking of doing a WHFB campaign in the Border Princess. We would be using Hordes of the Things which is a Fantasy Fast Play Rule Set. Basically, each player is limited to 12 element each representing a certain unit e.g. Blades (Heavy Infantry), Knights (Heavily Armored Horsemen), Beasts (e.g. Wolves), Behemoths (e.g. Ogres and Giants), etc. Combat is simplified to the element modifiers plus a D6 roll-off between the players. Anyway, it has a campaign rules that it has shall be modified a little bit but overall, we want this to be a RPG of sorts with each PC controlling their own state in the Border Princes. Anyone interested?

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I am indeed curious. :P
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Can I be the Hobbit Pimp? :P

But yeah, I am interested.