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Author Topic: Chaos Alliance  (Read 1217 times)

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Chaos Alliance
« on: December 23, 2012, 12:14:13 am »
Ive really been wanting to run daemons lately but i am a little concerned at the lack of anti air and ive really been wanting to get some biomancy powers for them. Screamers with FnP and It Will Not Die would be pretty tasty.

Here is what Im thinking:

Herald of Khorne: Chariot
Herald of Nurgle: Palanquin, Noxious Touch

5 Plaguebearers: Icon
5 Plaguebearers:
5 Plaguebearers: Icon

9 Screamers:
9 Screamers:
9 Flamers:
9 Flamers:

Defense Line: Quadgun

Helldrake: Autocannon

Now I have two possible combos;

Lvl3; Biomancy
12 Marines: Extra CC Wep, Vets, Fearless Icon, Autocannon, Plasmagun.


30 Plague Zombies:

Typhus has better BS for the gun but the Zombies dont provide much besides being hard to shoot down. Typhus is a big threat in combat but Im losing out on an Autocannon, Plasmagun and better Psychic Powers.

What do you think would be better?
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Re: Chaos Alliance
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2012, 07:11:34 am »
If you running that much Nurgle you might want to think about the tallyman, but since you do not have any hard hitting Nurgle units do not bother.

I think instead of a khorne herald on chariot you might want to think about skulltaker. Similar stats with better ws, attack. Also you rend on 4s that cause instant death, he totally rapes Mephiston. The khorne weapons used to be ap 2 and now ap 3. Not saying do not use him, but at least take the ability to rend just in case, which is a 6 on a regular hearld.

Skulltaker also comes with blessing of the bloodgod. It is a must take upgrade for khorne. Any psyker damage attack or force weapon gives the Khorne model a +2 invulnerable save. Like I said earlier against Mephiston all he need to do is hit and get one wound on a +4 and Mephiston is dead. Mephiston in turn have to get through a high ws, forget which one is higher and a +2 invulnerable to even hurt skulltaker or any khone model with blessing.

Herald of nurgle also comes with breath of chaos which isn't a bad power. Cloud of flies is also good since it allows you to assault cover and strike before powerfist or deny the extra attack during the charge.

Instead of the anti air gun you can take a flying MC with bs 5 that fires a strength 8 ap 1 shot that does the same thing and equally anoying to kill. +3 invul save lol.

I instead of 30 points into icons you can take the Skyshield landing pad. The icons do not work until turn 2 and the pad will help you get your flamers in safely.

The screamers you can deep strike roughly 12" away from where you want them. When your turn come up you can turbo them 24" over some models for some free hits. Also it puts them dangerously close to assaulting the following turn.

I think your first list is better and will be hard to deal with. 9 flamers in one squad is nasty.